Cafe Kronborg 20/07


Bangpakong was the game no raininpattaya butthe further north

we got thewetter it got 1 hour and 10 minutes up route 7.we checked in and waited 20 minutes

after our tee time to tee off with light rain most of the day.the course was sopping wet as reflected in the scores.

Back in the clubhouse after 4 hours with everyones feet still drying out

the scores showed it was a rough slog all day with Jon Swanson winning with 31 points,Walter Baechli

second with 30 points and Nigel perry third with 29 points.

1st Jon Swanson                  (25)                              31 points

2nd Walter Baechli             (14)                              30 points

3rd Nigel Perry                     (24)                               29 points

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