Cafe Kronborg 18/06

Pattaya cc 18 June stableford

Pattaya cc was the game 23 minutes down route 36. Easy checkinand

off the first tee on time with rainey conditions all day. The course was in good shape looks to be turning the corner with cosistant greens on both nines and lots of greens staff out doing meaningful things all day.

Back in the clubhouse after a round of less than 4 hours it was goodbys to

Graeme lomas back to sydney and koji yamada back to kobe.

Tom cotton was the winner with 38 points,mark west second with 37 points

And karl beter third with 29 points.

1st tom cotton                             (22)                                   38 points

2nd mark west                              (12)                                   37 points

3rd karl beter                               (30)                                   29 points

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