Cafe’ Kronborg 16/11

Khao Kheow A&C Stableford

The pete dye Khao Kheow A&C loops were the game today up route 7 for 45 minutes. Swift checkin and off c 1 on time with sunny and humid

conditions all day.the course was in fairly good condition with some fairways a bit sandy but should be top notch for the club championship in January.

After a slowish round of 4 hours and 30 minutes welcomes went out to Bridgette and ole Mortensen from Denmark and pattians Bob Watson and

Barry Elphlick and a good by to John Herr back to the USA. Two flights today with the cut at handicap 19 and a full bag of pins.

Maurice Roberts won the a flight on a count back from Arne Max Pedersen second both 40 points with Takeshi Hakozaki third with 37 points.

Barry Ephlick won the b flight on count backs from Peter Bygeball

second and Lotte Boskov third all 31 points.

A flight 0-19

1st Maurice Roberts (14) 40 points

2nd Arne Max Pedersen (19) 40 points

3rd takeshi Hakozaki (14) 37 points

B flight 20 and up

1st Barry Ephlick (24) 31 points

2nd Peter Bygeball (20) 31 points

3rd Lotte Boskov (20) 31 points

Long Putts

A 9 Arne Max Pedersen

C 9 Andre Vandyk

near pins

A 3 Lotte Boskov

A 5 Joe Vanderwegon

C 3 Takeshi Hakozaki

C 8 Torben Sorensen

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