Cafe Kronborg 14/09

Greenwood A&C  Stableford

Greenwood was the game today up the 331 for about 65 minutes with delays in the repaving area.Swift check in and off c 1 15 minutes early with

cloudy skies a breeze all day. The course was dry but because of the recent rains a lot of grass was not cut on both nines back in the clubhouse after a

round of 3 hours and 30 minutes a welcome back from the UK went out to Mikito Homma from the uk.

Torben sorensen was the winner with a fine 37 points,Jon Swanson second with 34 points Mashi Kaneta third with 32 points and Karl Beter fourth with

31 points.

1st torben sorensen (26) 37 points

2nd jon swanson (27) 34 points

3rd mashi kaneta (15) 32 points

4th karl beter (30) 31 points

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