Cafe Kronborg 12/10

Pattaya cc  stableford

Pattaya cc was the game down 36 for 25 minutes.easy checkin and off the first tee 40 minutes early with cloudy skies and a nice breeze all day.

The course was in good condition tee to green with all greens been cored and sanded the back nine the most recent.

Back in the clubhouse after a round of 3 hours and 45 minutes welcome backs went out to Jan Lovgreen and Mike Winfield.

The ever colorfull Walter Baechli was the winner with a fine 39 points Dave Richardson second with 38 points,Kenny Chung third with 34 points and Jan Lovgreen

fourth with 33 points.

1st Walter Baechli                  (17)                                 39 points

2nd Dave Richardson            (29)                                  38 points

3rd Kenny Chung                    (25)                                   34 points

4th Jan Lovgreen                    (22)                                   33 points


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