Cafe Kronborg 01/02

It was off to mountain shadow today up route 7 for

5o minutes in heavy traffic. Swift check in and off the first tee 25 minutes early

with sunny skies and a nice breeze all day. The course was in good condition with fast greens.

Back in the clubhouse a welcome went out to Jim Lucente from British Columbia. two flights today with the cut at handicap 23 and only 4 pins.

kjeld Ravn won the a flight by a country mile with a fine 40 Points ,

Doug Maiko second with 33 points, Jan Lovgreen third with 32 points and Steen Habersaat fourth with 31 points.

Ronnie Ratte won the b flight with 33 points, Einar Vfoft second with 32 points, Kaj Aabling third with 31 point and

Torben Sorensen fourth with 28 Points.

A flight 0-23

1st Kjeld Ravn (19) 40 points

2nd Doug Maiko (16) 33 points

3rd Jan Lovgreen (23) 32 points

4th Steen Habersaat (22) 31 points

B flight 24 and up

1st Ronnie Ratte (25) 33 points

2nd Einar Vfoft (26) 32 points

3rd Kaj Aabling (25) 31 points

4th Torben Sorensen (27) 28 points

Long putts

9 Peter Hammond

18 Doug Maiko

Near pins

5 Kenneth Madsen

8 Henning Olsen

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