Cafe Kronborg 11/01

Plutaluang E&S  Stableford
Plutaluang was the game today down Sukumvit for 43 minutes.the course was busy as the people from the land of the morning calm have arrived clogging both courses with slow play all day as we managed to get off e 1 on time with rain looming, one shower on the front but that side was dry we made the turn on the south and by the time we got to the first green it was pouring down leaving the nine saturated for the final 9 holes.other than the wet conditions the course was in good shape.

Even with 2 rain stopages we managed a 5 hour round and back in the Clubhouse welcomes went out to Eddy Devreker from Belgium Michele Sancillo back from Spain back from Denmark was Ulla and Kjeld Ravn, Jan Badura, Peter Bygeball, and Torben Sorensen back from Manilia.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 22 and the full lineup of pins. Michele Sancillo took the A flight with the best score of the day 38 points,Kjeld Ravn second with 30 points, Henry Wong third on a countback from Richard Kubicki fourth both 29 points. Kenny Chung won the B flight on a countback from Karl Beter second both 32 points, Svend Gaard third with 30 points and Torben Sorensen
fourth with 29 points.
A flight 0-22
1st Michele Sancillo (8) 38 points
2nd Kjeld Ravn (30) 30 points
3rd Henry Wong (22) 29 points
4th Richard Kubicki (10) 29 points
B flight 23 and up
1st Kenny Chung (25) 32 points
2nd Karl Beter (30) 32 points
3rd Svend Gaarde (27) 30 points
4th Torben Sorensen (26) 29 points
Long Putts
E 9 Kaj Aabling
S 9 Peter Bygeball

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