Cafe Kronborg 09/11

Mountain shadow today up route 7 for 44 Minutes.Swift checkin and off the first tee in a jiffy 40 minutes early under sunny skies with a rare sighting

of a lone monkey behind the 14 th green.the course was in good shape with fast greens. Back in the clubhouse after a quick 4 hour round welcome backs went out to Kurt Sangaard,and Arne Max Pedersen from Denmark and Torben Sorensen from Canada. two flights today with the cut at handicap 21 and 3 pins.

Arne Max Pedersen took the a flight with 36 points,Steen Habersaat second with 32 points and Lotte Boskov third with 29 points.

Karl Beter won the b flight with 34 points,Jan Lovgreen second with 33 points and Dave Richardson third with 30 points.

Near pins

5 Tore Elliassen

8 Elias Magnusson

Long putt

18 Steen Habersaat

A flight 0-21

1st Arne Max Pedersen (18) 36 points

2nd Steen Habersaat (21) 32 points

3rd Lotte Boskov (20) 29 points

B flight 22 and up

1st Karl Beter (30) 34 points

2nd Jan Lovgreen (22) 33 points

3rd Dave Richardson (28) 30 points

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