Cafe Kronborg 09/09

 Pattaya cc Stableford

Pattaya cc was the game departure in heavy rain almost to  the 331 and then fairly dry to the course.easy check in and off the first tee 45 minutes early under dry conditions with a bit of sun but the rain started light on the 13th and got heavier until we finished the 18th then it just peltited down for about another half hour.

The course was in good shape other than being wet in patches.looks like they are about to sand the fairways as there are big piles of sand along most fairways.

Back in the clubhouse after less than 4 hours welcomes went out to Torben Sorensen and Kim Kjaeball from Denmark and a welcome back to Karl Beter just back from Austria.

Scores were not great especially on the back with Karl Beter winning with 34 points ,Jon Swanson second with 26 points and Dave Richardson third with a whopping 23 points

1st Karl Beter               (30)                                    34 points

2nd Jon Swanson        (26)                                    26 points

3rd Dave Richardson (28)                                    23 points



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