Cafe Kronborg 08/10

Khao Kheow A&C Stableford

Khao Kheow was the game today 45 minutes up  route 7. Swift check in and off a 1 40 minutes early under partly

cloudy skies and hot conditions, the course was in good condition wven with all the rain the past few days with all greens recently

cored and sanded but should be good for poppy day 6 November.

We just flew around the front but got to c 1 with 3 groups from the land of the morning calm teeing off in which we

wound up with a round of over 4 hours. Back in the clubhouse welcome went out to the snowbirds coming back ,Terry Pettit from

the UK,Elias Magnusson from Iceland and OPeter Bygeball from Denmark.

Terry Pettit ws the winner with 36 points,Peter Bygeball

second with 32 points and Karl Beter third with 26 points.

1st Terry Pettit                                (12)                          36 points

2nd Peter Bygeball                        (21)                           32 points

3rd Karl Beter                                 (30)                            26 points


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