Cafe Kronborg 02/11

Greenwood 2 Nov Stableford

Greenwood was the game today up the 331 for 70 minutes through the repaving projects so allow a little extra time.we arrived and surprised by a special deal of g/f caddie and cart all for under b1200.we were off a 1 20 minutes early under sunny and hot conditions.the course was in fine condition still drying out from the rainy season.

Back in the clubhouse after a round of 4 hours the winner was Jan Lovgreen on a countback

from Elias Magnusson second both 35 points,Dave Richardson third with 33 points and Lotte Boskov fourth with 32 points.

1st Jan Lovgreen (22) 35 points

2nd Elias Magnusson (21) 35 points

3rd Dave Richardson (28) 33 points

4th Lotte Boskov (20) 32 points

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