Cafe Kronberg 19/12


Café Kronborg played East and South from the Yellow Tees on Monday 19th December. Playing the forward tees expectations were for good scores, but the challenge was still a tough one with only 2 people beating their handicap.

The course was in pretty good condition after the first few greens which had a few dodgy patches on them. The remainder were fine, albeit the usual slow pace of the Navy course which saw a number of putts coming up short. Fairways were dry and hard, but had a reasonable covering of grass.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 22 and the B flight 23 and above.

A Flight was won by Kai Aabling on 37 points, beating Jesper Rasmussen into 2nd place on countback, which went to the final 6 holes. Richard Kubicki was 3rd with 36 points and Peter Bygballe was 4th with 35.

B Flight was the countback flight with only Elias Magnussen shining, taking first place with 36 points. The remaining 3 positions were decided on countback with everyone getting 30 points. Torben Sorensen took 2nd with 16 points on the back, Jan Lovgreen took 3rd with 15 and Svend Gaarde took 4th with 14.

In the clubhouse we were presented with new menus with writing so big reading glasses were a thing of the past. The only problem was only a few items were translated into English! I ordered my usual of Chicken with cashew nuts after both the waitress and I had searched the menu several times and were unable to find the dish! When the food arrived it was by far the best I had had at Plutualang, my wife’s food was also excellent. The moral of the story is ask for what you want even if it’s not on the menu.

Regular readers of the golfing results page may notice a slight style change to the normal Café Kronborg write up. This is because Dave “The Admiral” Richardson is taking a well deserved break for a couple of months whilst my wife and I are here. After announcing his retirement from running the golf at the end of last season we returned to find him still working away. On behalf of all the Golfers at Café Kronborg we would like to thank Dave for all his work in the past and during his so called retirement. Everyone really appreciates his efforts, even though they don’t always show it.

R & CK.

A Flight (0-22)

1st Kai Aabling (22)                           37 points (Countback 12 points on last 6)

2nd Jesper Rasmussen (22)           37 points (Countback 11 points on last 6)

3rd Richard Kubicki (12)                  36 points

4th Peter Bygballe (19)                    35 points

B Flight (23 & Above)

1st Elias Magnussen (24)                                36 Points

2nd Torben Sorensen (27)             30 points (Countback 16 points)

3rd Jan Lovgreen (23)                      30 points (Countback 15 points)

4th Svend Gaarde (27)                    30 points (Countback 14 points)

Near Pins

East 2                    Svend Gaarde

East 5                    Peter Bygballe

South 4                 Peter Bygballe

South 7                 Henning Olsen

Long Putts

East 9                    Kenny Chung

South 9                 Jesper Rasmussen

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