Cafe Kronborg 12 January

Plutaluang N&W 12 Jan Stableford

It was down Sukumvit for Plutaluang taking a short 45 minutes.we checked in and were off n 1 about 5 minutes early under sunny skies with a stiff breeze cropping up on the back 9.the course was in good condition with quickish greens.

Both courses were fully bookes with the people from the land of the morning calm so it took almost 5 hours to get around.back in the clubhouse
a welcome went out to sStephen Cooper-Reade from British Airways. Two flights today with the cut at handicap 22 and 4 pins.

Ulf Larssson took the A flight with a fine 40 points, Silvano Pizzato second with 39 points, Richard Kubicki third with 35 points and Elias
Magnusson fourth with 33 points.

It was a bit tighter in the B flight with Ronnie Ratte winning on a countback from Gordon Clegg second on a countback from Kurt Sandgaard third all 38 points and Svend Gaarde fourth with 36 points.

A flight 0-22

1st Ulf Larsson (15) 40 points
2nd Silvano Pizzato (17) 39 points
3rd Richard Kubicki (12) 35 points
4th Elias Magnusson (20) 33 points

b flight 23 and up

1st Ronnie Ratte (27) 38 points
2nd Gordon Clegg (34) 38 points
3rd Kurt Sandgaard (34) 38 points
4th Svend Gaard (26) 36 points

Long Putts

N9 kurt sandgaard
W9 Silvano Pizzato

Near Pins

N6 Elias Magnusson
W8 Richard Kubicki

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