Bunker Boys 30/03

Geoff Parker Overtakes Gerry Cooney To Claim Golfer of the Month

Monday, March 30, BangPakong — Stableford

Heading into the final round of the month with only a couple points separating the contenders for Golfer of the Month, the leader — Gerry Cooney — fails to show up resulting in Geoff Parker posting a measly four points to claim the trophy. Oh well, a W is a W even if it is by default. Congrats Geoff !!

BangPakong is usually a fun track to play, but not on this particular Monday. The greens were as slow as a koala climbing a tree, and leaving it short was the order of the day. A most difficult task with the flat stick — on in two and three/four putts, Ouch! Speaking of slow, putting a Thai lady 5-ball out in front of us didn’t help the pace of play.

Slow greens, slow play, didn’t dishearten our favorite bibulous mate – Neil Griffin – as he made a most welcome appearance on the podium scoring 37 points to take second place. Takeshi gets the win, with Thomas Nyborg and Tom McDowell placing third and fourth respectively.

1st Takeshi Hakozaki (14) 39 pts

2nd Neil Griffin (24) 37 pts

3rd Thomas Nyborg (16) 34 pts

4th Thomas McDowell (21) 32 pts

Near Pins: Sandy Bennie, Colin Greig, Gerry Swan (2)


Wednesday, April 1, BangPra — Stableford

BangPra is head and shoulders above most of the courses in the Pattaya area. The course is always in good nick and it’s a real pleasure to play here. Too bad our 13 players could only garner an average of 29 stableford points. No worries, the Bougainvillea were in full bloom, especially on the par-3 8th hole, and it was a lovely place to spend the afternoon.

1st Colin Greig (10) 36 pts

2nd Steve Drury (20) 35 pts

3rd Les Cobban (8) 34 pts

4th Tore Ellision (20) 32 pts

Near Pins: Ken Hopkins, Gerry Swan, Les Cobban (2)


Friday, April 3, Khao Kheow C & A — Stableford

It remains a mystery why the yellow tees are positioned behind the white tees but, be that as it may, today, as usual, we were off the yellow. Four of the crew would most undoubtedly have preferred the white tees or even the red as their cards seem to have gone missing on return to The Ranch. Yoo guys, self-denial is not a praiseworthy quality.

The course was in good condition and fun was had by all, well, all but four. Henry Loh led the way with 39 points with Colin not far behind at 37. Neil was in the money again with 35 points to take third place, and Jimmy ” anchored putter ” Carr placed fourth with 34.

1st Henry Loh (18) 39 pts

2nd Colin Greig (10) 37 pts

3rd Neil Griffin (24) 35 pts

4th Jimmy Carr (18) 34 pts

Near Pins: Colin Greig (2), Gerry Cooney (2)


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