Monday 12th May 2014
Pattavia G.C. (Stableford)
The dreaded number of seventeen golfers today set off from The Ranch for our visit to Pattavia, meaning we had had three three-balls leading the field. As luck would have it, the course was deserted but our groups tee’d off behind a particularly slow four-ball. The first group managed to get past them on the second par three, but after that they refused to let the second group through for the remainder of the round, and what should have been an enjoyable saunter became a bit of a marathon. The weather was bright and sunny but very hot on the front nine, until a breeze arrived and made the conditions more pleasant. The course was in good shape and the greens were quick but not ridiculous as they have been on the odd occasion in the past. Once again Thomas Nyborg produced the best score of the day (now five wins in his last seven games) one point clear of Mitch Squire and Mashi Kaneta who had to be separated on a countback
Results :
1st Thomas Nyborg (hcp. 19) 37 points
2nd Mitch Squire (hcp. 17) 34 points
3rd Mashi Kaneta (hcp. 13) 34 points
4th Geoff Parker (hcp. 14) 33 points

Wednesday 14th May 2014
Bangpakong Riverside G.C. (Medal)
A smaller group of golfers turned out for the slightly longer trip than normal, but the journey is still only an hour, and usually the excellent condition of the course makes the trip worthwhile. Today however, we were unlucky as the management had commenced work on coring and sanding all of the greens. Approximately half the greens had been completed but work was still in progress on two of them which had cores swept into mounds all over the surface resembling a lunar landscape which made putting almost impossible. The difficult putting conditions didn’t affect Ken Davidson who came back to the clubhouse with a great score of nett 66, to snatch first place from the man in form, Thomas Nyborg, who must have thought his score of nett 67 was good enough for yet another win. Thomas did almost manage to bag his first hole-in-one on the short 13th hole, when the ball grazed the pin and came to rest 6 inches behind the hole, and even he can’t miss a putt from that range!
Results :
1st Ken Davidson (hcp. 23) nett 66
2nd Thomas Nyborg (hcp. 19) nett 67
3rd Geoff Parker (hcp. 14) nett 74
Only three near pins were hit : Colin Jones, Ken Davidson and Thomas Nyborg.
Friday 16th May 2014
Mountain Shadow G.C. (Stableford)
Twelve golfers today but when we arrived at the clubhouse there’d been a mix up with the booking (once again our schedule manager was absent from duty when there’s a problem – how does he manage to arrange that!). Fortunately the management was able to accommodate us and we actually tee’d off just a few minutes behind our original scheduled time. The weather was overcast but very humid, and there was thunder in the distance, but the round was completed without any rain reaching us. The course was in good condition, if a little dry and scruffy in places, and the greens were as treacherous as ever. Thomas Nyborg had an off day for a change leaving the field open for other lesser mortals, and Tore Eliassen stepped up to the plate to take first place with 36 points. Geoff Parker took second place a point behind Tore and two points clear of Mashi Kaneta. After a great round on Wednesday Ken Davidson came crashing back to earth with a bang, taking the wooden spoon in the process – such are the joys of golf! Back in the clubhouse it was good to see some long overdue renovation work was being undertaken in the shower room, so perhaps things are looking up at what is always one of our most popular and challenging venues.

Results :
1st Tore Eliassen (hcp. 17) 36 points
2nd Geoff Parker (hcp. 14) 35 points
3rd Mashi Kaneta (hcp. 13) 33 points
Only three near pins were hit : Alan Sullivan, Peter Habgood and Tore Eliassen.

The Bunker Boys are a PSC affiliated golf society, who now play out of The Ranch bar on Pattaya 3rd Road (in front of the fire station, and almost opposite the Buffalo Bar). We play three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out, and a friendly but competitive golf competition why not come and join us. We meet at The Ranch at 9 a.m. for breakfast and transportation, and new players are always welcome. Contact “Buff” on 086 046 5091 or 080 605 5663 for all enquiries. You can find all the news, schedules and results on our website at http://www.bunkersociety.com.

Ken Bunker Boy1

Ken Davidson had a great round at Bangpakong.

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