Bunker Boys we 01/03

Monday 25th Februaryry 2013
Greenwood G.C. (C and A courses) Stableford

Many golfers are put off from playing on public holidays, and it’s true that we’ve had bad experiences in the past when playing the cheaper courses, but today on Makha Bucha day we had a reasonable deal from Greenwood and arrived to find the course surprisingly quiet. We tee’d off on schedule and with a smaller field of only 16 golfers the four groups were able to set their own pace of play. The course was in fine condition and the weather was mostly overcast with a moderate breeze keeping the temperature down. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all except Colin Greig, who hates this course with a passion due to the long grass around the fringes of greens which forces him to chip rather than using his favourite weapon – the puff from off the green. Mark West discovered some good form to win the single flight ahead of Peter Platt and Mashi Kaneta, with newcomer Mike Mills, playing his first game under his newly acquired handicap, taking the fourth podium position.

Results :
1st Mark West (hcp. 14) 38 points
2nd Peter Platt (hcp. 13) 36 points
3rd Mashi Kaneta (hcp. 15) 34 points
4th Mike Mills (hcp. 25) 34 points

Only 3 near pins were claimed : Peter Platt, Mashi Kaneta, and Neil Hurst.

Wednesday 27th February 2013
Emerald G.C. (Medal)

24 golfers today for our visit to the popular Bang Chang course, on a bright and breezy day. Once again the course was surprisingly quiet and we got away on schedule for our second medal round of the month generously sponsored by KPK Foods. The course is generally in good shape, although the cabbage grass which has now overtaken all the fairways, doesn’t suit everyone. There were no holdups throughout the round and our progress should have been quicker than it actually was which can only be down to the leading groups holding up the rest of the field. Steve Durey, playing his first game for quite some time with the Bunker Boys, was the best performer on the day, taking the honours in the A Flight. Gordon Melia rediscovered his putting form to win the B Flight, with Reg Smart taking the runners’ up spot ahead of Mike Corner on a count back. Gez Williams took second place overall, comfortably securing the points he needed to win the February Golfer of the Month title.

Results :
A Flight
1st Steve Durey (hcp. 17) nett 71
2nd Gez Williams (hcp. 15) nett 73
3rd Tore Eliassen (hcp. 15) nett 74

B Flight
1st Gordon Melia (hcp. 19) nett 74
2nd Reg Smart (hcp. 31) nett 75
3rd Mike Corner (hcp. 19) nett 75

Near pin winners : Raleigh Gosney, Mark West Tony Robbins and Jerry Waselenkoff.

Friday 1st March 2013
Mountain Shadow G.C. (Stableford)

A few new faces today, and we welcomed back John Graham after a prolonged work absence in Gabon – not much golf there. We’ve played at Mountain Shadow quite a lot recently, mainly because the course is in good condition, offers good value, and always provides a tough test of golf. One thing that is noticeable here is that a number of drain covers around the course have rusted away and are now dangerous hazards, which also gobble up golf balls as Mike Corner found out on the twelfth hole. The greens are always testing here, but today it was apparent that the green keeper was displaying his sense of humour, by putting the pin positions in some very precarious places. Your scribe was one of those to suffer, missing a two foot birdie putt, and walking off with a bogey on a particularly treacherous par three green. Colin Greig was the only golfer to play to his handicap to win the A Flight, and Neil Griffin (Pattaya’s only resident Derby County supporter) took the honours in the B Flight. Raleigh Gosney introduced a new least putts competition which was won jointly by Mike Grasser and Tony Robbins both taking only 31 putts – a fine performance since most other players were complaining of numerous three putts.

Results :
A Flight
1st Colin Greig (hcp. 10) 36 points
2nd Mike Grasser (hcp. 11) 34 points
3rd Mashi Kaneta (hcp. 15) 31 points

B Flight
1st Neil Griffin (hcp. 26) 33 points
2nd Andy Brady (hcp. 24) 33 points
3rd Jerry Waselenkoff (hcp. 21) 31 points

Near pin winners : Gerry Cooney, Geoff Parker, Mike Grasser and William Macey.

The Bunker Boys are a PSC affiliated golf society, who now play out of The Ranch bar on Pattaya 3rd Road (in front of the fire station, and almost opposite the Buffalo Bar). We play three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out, and a friendly but competitive golf competition why not come and join us. We meet at The Ranch at 9 a.m. for breakfast and transportation, and new players are always welcome. Contact Buff on 086 046 5091 or 080 605 5663 for all enquiries. You can find all the news, schedules and results on our website at http://www.bunkersociety.com.

February Golfer of the Month Gez Williams.

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