Bunker Boys 8/12

Monday December4th

King Naga

A Flight

1st Les Cobban (8) 36 points

2nd Sunny Khana (14) 34 points

3rd Colin Greig (33) points

B Flight

!st LesHall (24) 34 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 33 points

3rdGordon Melia (17) 32 points

Near Pins Les Hall, Sunny Khanna Michael Brett, Neil Carter

The golf course once known as Great Lakes and more recently Rayong Country Club has changed its name to King Naga, other than that not much has changed. The course is in the best condition seen for years after good monsoon rain, however, unless more rain comes shorty it’s going to dry out very quickly. A few incidents of note occurred today, Neil Carter who has been threatening to get an ace for some time got as close as possible today without actually getting one, no doubt one is just around the corner. It was also noteworthy that our resident mystery man Trevor Priestly forgot nothing today unlike last week when he left his change of clothes at the M Club and was very popular in the car on the way back. A twenty on the front nine by Colin Greig followed by thirteen on the back raised some eyebrows with the club championship around the corner, the A word was used unfairly by some, we shall see.

A good field of twenty-four golfers took part today and were rewarded with low green fees, a course that presented some real challenges and play that was a good pace except for the last groups who for some inexplicable reason lost touch with the leading. Les Cobban mastered the conditions best with a score of thirty-six points in A flight followed by Sunny Khanna on thirty-four and in third Colin Greig on thirty-three. In the B flight, Les Hall took the honors with thirty-four followed by Jimmy Carr on thirty-three and Gordon Melia on thirty-two. Near Pins went to Les Hall, Sunny Khanna, Neil Carter and Michael Brett.

Wednesday, December 6th


1st Michael Brett (16) 36 points

2nd Geoff Parker ((14) 35 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 34 points

4th Ken Davidson 34 on countback

Near Pins

Geoff Parker, Richard Baldotto, Bob Duxbury x 2

A well-managed golf course in excellent condition and uncrowded, reasonable green fee, good caddies and beautiful weather, golf doesn’t get much better than that. So it was for today’s round at Greenwood where a smaller than expected group of eighteen participated. Most are looking forward to the first round of the Club Championship being played at this venue next week having been changed from Pattavia where the greens were so fast last week they were more of a lottery than a test of golf skill. We were allocated C and A courses for today’s round, play commences on time and proceeded to completion without any delays or interruptions in a timely manner. It was a bit ironic that the greens on the C course had also just been cored and sanded, nevertheless, they were good to put on and didn’t have the severe slopes and undulations of Pattavia.

Scoring was modest at best today with the winner Michael Brett somehow managing to amass thirty-six points despite some very scratchy play, just goes to show if you keep hanging in when the game is not going your way you may get a result. Second place went to Geoff Carter a point back and third went to Jimmy Carr who has been in consistently good form of late and is a serious contender for the club championship, Ken Davidson was finally awarded fourth place after a mix up with the scorecard. It seems remarkable that a standard way of marking a card cannot be followed by all golfers. Near pins went to Bob Duxbury with two, Richard Baldotto, and as always Geoff Parker.

Friday, December 8th

Eastern Star.

1st Geoff Bracegirdle 38 points.

2nd Gerry Cooney 37 points

3rd Alan Sullivan 35 points.

4th Dave Gow 34 points

Near Pins  Geoff Parker, Colin Greig, Dave Ashman, Gez Williams

They say in business circles “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”. Golf is a business also and the same rule applies. Eastern Star, a course once known as shabby and unkept has picked up on its maintenance in recent times and is now in very good shape such that it has become a regular fixture on the Bunker Boys playing roster, I believe three times in the last month. Today was no different, well-grassed fairways and greens that were fair to putt on. A smaller than expected group of nineteen rolled up at the M Club and were rewarded with beautiful weather and good speed of play.

Geoff Bracegirdle was the man in form today with a fine score of thirty-eight points taking first place from Gerry Cooney in second with thirty-seven, Alan Sullivan in third with thirty-five, and Dave Gow who stormed home with twenty-three points on the back nine to take fourth. A multi-winner of the Club Championship in the past Gerry Cooney is showing some very good recent form and may be the dark horse in next weeks competition. Near pins went to Dave Ashman, Colin Greig, Geoff Parker and Gez Williams who failed to show at the presentation donating his winnings to the delinquent’s fund.


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