Bunker Boys 4/05

Monday, May 4, Khao Kheow G.C.  A & B Yellow Tees — Stableford

It must have been the rain, or the unmowed fairways, or the golf gods not smiling down upon us, or whatever, that caused the Bunker Boys to play so poorly at this lovely track. With an average stableford score of only 26, the guys sure left a lot of shots out on the course. Mark Stanley was the only player out of 19 golfers that bettered his handicap leaving everyone else in his dust.


1st Mark Stanley (8) 37 pts

2nd Ian Milne (14) 33 pts

3rd Geoff Parker (13) 30 pts


1st Jimmy Carr (19) 30 pts

2nd Frank Quinlan (28) 29 pts cb

3rd Trevor Priestely (18) 29 pts

Near Pins: Mark Stanley (2), Mike Lloyd, Tony Berry

Wednesday, May 6, BangPra G.C. — Stableford

Even with dark clouds overhead and the sound of thunder in the distance 19 of the faithful assembled at The Ranch to play one of our favorite courses. With a chance to win a gift voucher from KPK Food Service, how could you stay at home just because of a little rain. Your scribe had already informed the wife to be ready to fire up the BBQ as I’d be bringing home some nice steaks, even if I had to go over to Soi Yumae and buy them myself.

Unfortunately, I did have to make the trip over near Big C Extra as Jimmy Carr was the man of the day posting an excellent 38 points to take first place in B-flight. His compatriot — Frank Quinlan — took second on a count back over Peter Allen The best A-flight could do was 35 points by Geoff Parker. Tony — I’m finally beginning to be able to see again — Robbins made a welcome return to the podium taking second place with 34 points. Mark was disappointed not to be in the winners circle, as usual, but was somewhat happy to settle for third place.

Surprisingly, the greens were not as slick as we’re accustomed to but, as always, the track was in great shape.


1st Geoff Parker (13) 35 pts

2nd Tony Robbins (17) 34 pts

3rd Mark Stanley (8) 32 pts


1st Jimmy Carr (19) 38 pts

2nd Frank Quinlan (28) 30 pts cb

3rd Peter Allen (31) 30 pts

Near Pins: Tony Robbins, Peter Allen, Tony Berry, Les Humphrey

Friday, May 8, Pattavia G.C. — Stableford

With storm clouds rumbling all around us we did the sensible thing and headed directly for the T-box. As my good friend — Plucky Purcell — would say, ” I didn’t fly 10,000 miles to get to golf paradise to sit around the club house”. It wasn’t long before we were made aware of the folly of our decision. The Marshall appeared and highly recommended that we take cover and let it pass. As we were waiting, appropriately enough, a caddie sliced up a pineapple.

After a brief delay, we were able to complete the round without the threat of being hit by lightening. The average score was just 32, but fun was had by all.

1st Ian Milne (14) 37 pts cb

2nd Peter Allen (31) 37 pts

3rd Jimmy Carr (19) 35 pts

Near Pins: Mogens Jensen (2), Steve Durey, Colin Jones

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