Bunker Boys 23/03


 Monday, March 23, Bangpra — Stableford

Mashi ” The Bandit ” Kaneta prevails over 18 players with a commendable 41 stableford points. Playing off of 15 ( incredulous ) Mashi outpaces the runner-up in A-flight by 7 points. Peter Habgood ( B-flight ) gave him a run for his money with 38 points.

It was a perfect day for golf at the lovely Bangpra G.C.. The course was in good condition and the greens, as usual, were as slick as ice. Very treacherous if you get above the hole. This must explain why the average stableford score was a mere 30.


1st Mashi Kaneta (15) 41 pts

2nd Mike Lloyd (16) 34 pts

3rd Mark Stanley (8) 33 pts


1st Peter Habgood (21) 38 pts

2nd P.J. Redmond (24s) 34 pts

3rd Gerry Keys (28) 33 pts

Near Pins: Peter Allen, Mike Lloyd, Mark Stanley, Ken Young


Wednesday, March 25, Pleasant Valley — Stableford  

Today, the Bunker Boys welcomed the special appearance ( read, not regular players ) of our gracious host at The Ranch — Sir Buff — along with the Bracegirdle brothers — Geoff & Max. Their lack of attention to the most important thing in life — golf — was attested to by their average stableford score of 25. Get up, get out more often guys.

Pleasant Valley — there is, in fact, no discernible valley here — can be a tough test of skills when playing from the blue tees with the relatively narrow fairways and undulating greens. It was obviously unpleasant for most of our guys today as the average score was just 29 points. Gordon, who refers to this track as UnPleasant Valley, decided to show up and was rewarded with two near pins back at The Ranch. Way to hang-in there Gordon. We can’t play our favorite courses day in and day out.

1st Ian Pickles ( obviously, not in a pickle all day ) — 15 — 36 pts

2nd Mark Stanley (8) 35 pts

3rd Tore Eliassen (20) 34 pts cb

4th Dave Ashman (18) 34 pts

Near Pins: Gordon Melia (2), Gerry Cooney


Friday, March 27, Greenwood C & A — Stableford 

Not a very good day for the Bunker Boys at the always fun to play Greenwood G.C.. The course was in great shape, but the same can’t be said for the 17 players that made the trek up Rt.331. Claiming only two near pins and with an average score of only 28, the conversation back at The Ranch was all about what could have been. Ifa, woulda, coulda, shoulda. Surprisingly, some of the crew are even talking about hitting the range for a little practice.

1st Peter Kelly (11) 35 pts

2nd Gerry Swan (17) 33 pts

3rd Peter Habgood (21) 31 pts cb

4th Gerry Cooney (16) 31 pts

Near Pins: Patrick Kelly, Mark Stanley


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