Bunker Boys 20/04


Monday, April 20, Bangpra G.C. — Stableford

The Bunker Boys were treated to an awesome display of wedge and short-iron skills at the beautiful Bangpra G.C.. Sweeping the near pins ( a very rare occurrence ) and scoring 38 stableford points to take first place, Mark needed a wheelbarrow to carry home all the dough. With the ball coming to rest within 15 feet of the cup on all four greens, Mark’s flat stick wasn’t keeping pace with his short-irons and, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to birdie any of the holes — Ouch!

The rest of the crew didn’t fair so well as the average stableford score was a mere 29. Many were claiming water in their shoes and hangovers due to the – praise the lord – recently concluded Songkran – Happy New Year! –  festivities.

1st Mark Stanley (9) 38 pts

2nd Gerry Cooney (16) 36 pts

3rd Colin Greig (9) 34 pts


Wednesday, April 22, Royal Lakeside G.C. Blue Tees — Stableford

Even with three rounds remaining on the schedule, Colin was able to clinch Golfer of the Month with his victory today. Posting 56 out of a possible 60 points, The Putter Man really put it to the Bunker Boys this month. Way to go Colin.

It had to be the hottest day of the year ( pushing mid- 40’s ), and believe it or not, the palms were not swaying in the breeze. At this usually breezy / windy track, you couldn’t buy a quiver of refreshing air. The stifling heat was slowing down some of our guys, but having no apparent affect on the course. As usual, it was in good shape, and fun to play.

1st Colin Greig (9) 37 pts

2nd Gerry Cooney (16) 36 pts

3rd Dave Stockman (6) 35 pts

Near Pins: Colin Greig, Gerry Cooney, Dave Stockman, P.J.Redmond


Friday, April 24, Emerald G.C. — Stableford

Emerald is back. Well, more or less. The course is finally beginning to become playable again after months / years of neglect. Maintenance, maintenance –” All You Need Is Love “. No, maintenance.

Geoff Parker jumped on these improved conditions to record one of his best rounds in recent memory — 41 points. That’s a gross 79 folks. We can’t go overboard in our praise as it was, after all, a Rainbow competition. Regardless, great round Geoff.

The Bunker Boys, overall, had a fine day at the newly improved Emerald G.C. averaging a respectable 35 stableford points. Jimmy ” anchored putter ” Carr was close on Geoff’s heels, with one of his better recent outings, posting 39 points just one stoke in front of Mark, Colin, and Frank. Mark ” Mr. Near Pin ” Stanley wins on count back.

As an aside, for those of you considering laser surgery to correct your vision, you may want to speak with Little Stevie Wonder — Tony Robbins — before you proceed. He’s hardly been able to break a 100 since he had the operation.

1st Geoff Parker (12) 41 pts

2nd Jimmy Carr (19) 39 pts

3rd Mark Stanley (10) 38 pts cb

Near Pins: Frank Quinlan, Trevor Priestley, Les Cobban (2)

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