Bunker Boys 20/02


The 3rd week of Feburary belonged to Keith wherein he proceeded to take 1st place (A-Flight) in all three of our competitions for the week. Playing three of our mainstay courses Keith smashes the opposition. Winning by a stroke in medal play at Greenwood, by four stableford points at BangPakong, and leaving Les Cobban in the dust on a count back at Treasure Hill.

Monday, Feb. 16, Greenwood B & C – Medal

Greenwood bills itself as ” The Eastern Home of Golf in Thailand “, and is certainly one of the loveliest courses in this area. On this day it was in perfect nick with green green fairways, and the greens running true. A perfect setting for the 25 Bunker Boys that made the trip.
Medal play always seems to help focus our players but, unfortunately, none of the crew covered their handicap. The best net score being a 73 in both flights. John Hughes and Gez Williams had the best chance of covering until the wheels came off on the 13th ( B 4 ). John proceeds to knock his new YELLOW titleist into the narrowest stream on the course recording an 8, and Gez practicing his German ” NINE ” on the same hole.

A Flight
1st Keith Norman (14) 73
2nd Mashi Kaneta (12) 74
3rd Ian Milne (14) 75 Ian takes 3rd on a count back over Gez

B Flight
1st Raleigh Gosney (16) 73
2nd John Hughes (19) 74
3rd Mike Corner (20) 75
Near Pins: Mashi Kaneta, Les Burns, Gerry Cooney, Raleigh Gosney

Wednesday, Feb. 18, BangPakong – Stableford

22 Bunker Boys headed to BangPakong a journey made a bit more difficult due to the extensive roadworks nearby. As usual, the course was in excellent condition, especially the fairways.
Playing off the whites at 6,700 yards it plays long particularly the par 3’s at an average distance of 190 yards for the four of them. No problem for Keith Norman who with 41 pts easily won A-flight and made it back to back wins for the week. Keith always scores well here and is wishing he could take this course home with him. Tony Robbins came in second four shots behind with Geoff Parker finishing third with 36.
B-flight was dominated by Steve Drury shooting his handicap and scoring 36 pts. A distant second was Tom McDowell nosing out Tim Winder with 31. Tim gets the show position with 30.


1st Keith Norman (14) 41 pts
2nd Tony Robbins (16) 37 pts
3rd Geoff Parker (15) 36 pts


1st Steve Drury (21) 36 pts
2nd Tom McDowell (21) 31 pts
3rd Tim Winder (23) 30 pts
Near Pins: Judi Christopherson, Peter Mannion, Tom McDowell

Friday, Feb.20, Treasure Hill — Stableford

Slow start at TH as another society was at the first T waiting for caddies when we were ready to go. You get the picture.
Colin, Tony and Tim will most likely remember the 2nd hole, the 187 yard par 3 with trouble on both sides, as Colin hits into the hazard on the right bouncing off a rock, flying into the air, and landing on the green to claim a near pin back at The Ranch. Tony and Tim both chipped in from off the green. Tony for a deuce.

At 6,700 yards off the whites TH is quite the challenge. This is attested to by the fact that 30 pts took A- flight and 28 pts B. Some of the crew claim they will be going to the range to practice hitting their driver off the deck.
The course was in good nick, and the rain showers only slowed us down a bit. We got a bit wet but my ben lie. Just another day out on the golf course.

1st Yes, again, Keith Norman (12) 30 pts
2nd Les Cobban (8) 30 pts
3rd Peter Kelly (10) 29 pts

1st Gordon Melia (16) 28 pts
2nd Tim Winder (23) 27 pts
3rd Trevor Priestley (18) 24pts
Near Pins: Geoff Gox, Colin Greig, Peter Kelly, John Murphy

Note: The Bunker Boys are a PSC affiliated golf society, who play out of The Ranch
Bar on Pattaya 3rd road ( in front of the fire station, and almost opposite the
Buffalo Bar ). We play three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out, and a friendly but competitive golf
competition why not come and join us. We meet at The Ranch at 9am for
breakfast and transport, and new members are always welcome. Contact
Buff on 0860465091 or 0806055663 for all enquiries. You can find all the news,
schedules and results on our web site at http://www.bunkersociety.com

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