Bunker Boys 16/03

Monday, March 16, Treasure Hill — Stableford

It was another rough outing for the Bunker Boys at the ever challenging and fun to play Treasure Hill G.C.. Twenty players could only muster an average stableford score of 25. Not a very good showing for our talented crew.

The course, as usual, was in good nick, but the weather was not being very accommodating. It was blistering hot and many of our guys seemed to be dragging a bit towards the end.

The best score came from B-flight with Frank Quinlan edging out P.J. for the win with 34 points. P.J. placing second with 33, and Tore Eliassen beating Peter Allen on a count back for third place with 30.

A-flight was won by Patrick Kelly three points in front of three players tied at 29. Gerry Cooney edging out Duncan Lee for second place, and Duncan coming in ahead of Colin Greig for third.


1st Patrick Kelly (2+) 32 pts

2nd Gerry Cooney (16) 29 pts

3rd Duncan Lee (16) 29 pts


1st Frank Quinlan (32) 34 pts

2nd P.J. Redmond (25s) 33 pts

3rd Tore Eliassen (20) 30 pts

Near Pins: Patrick Kelly, Gerry Cooney, Mike Lloyd, Tore Eliassen


Wednesday, March 18, Pattaya C.C. — Stableford

Pattaya C.C. ( and it is a stretch to write C.C. rather then G.C. ) is certainly a nice place to take a shower. Sitting on the balcony, which runs along the outside of the new club house, one has a homely view of the surrounding barren fields. This course is undoubtedly the most unaesthetic track we play. If you were a bee seeking to pollinate some flowers / flowering trees, or a snake wishing to slither across a beautiful green fairway — good luck! In fact, if you were a brown snake you would probably never be noticed.

With hardpan the order of the day, many of our guys felt like Bubba Watson. Just hit the fairway ( or anywhere ) and watch the ball motor on. This resulted in some comments like ” Wow, I didn’t know I could hit the ball that far “, and his partner saying ” you can’t, really “. The plus side of all this was the guys were able to post some fairly good scores resulting in an average stableford score of 32 for the 16 players in attendance.

Geoff Parker nosed out the win — 37 points — over three players all taking their respective positions on count back with 36 points. Steve Durey coming in second ahead of Les Hall, and Les finishing third ahead of P.J..

1st Geoff Parker (13) 37 pts

2nd Steve Durey (21) 36 pts

3rd Les Hall (24) 36 pts

4th P.J. Redmond (25s) 36 pts

Near Pins: Dave Ashman, Mashi Kaneta, Trevor Priestly, P.J. Redmond


Friday, March 20,  Emerald — Medal

15 brave souls made the drive to Bang Chan, dreading the evening return into the city during Music Festival, to test their skills on medal play against a tough little track. Everything went fairly well as the crew were able to post an average net score of 77. Colin Greig was the leader of the pack with a net 69, and Frank Quinlan wasn’t far behind with a net 71.

Everyone had a great time and very much enjoyed their day at Emerald. Well, everyone except the few N/R’s that were grumbling about the numerous hardpan areas in the fairways and elsewhere. Excuses, excuses. Just learn to hit the ball off cement.

1st Colin Greig (10) 69 net

2nd Frank Quinlan (33) 71 net

3rd Gordon Melia (16) 75 net

4th Les Cobban (8) 76 net

Near Pins: Colin Greig, Patrick Kelly, Frank Quinlan (2)


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