Bunker Boys 09/03

Monday, March 9, Pattavia G.C — Stableford

An overcast Monday morning saw 16 Bunker Boys make the trek up Rt.331 for a round at the always fun to play Pattavia G.C.. The course was in good shape and the sun made its appearance just as the first group teed. Let the fun begin.
Duncan Lee made a special appearance wearing some fancy pokka dot shorts and new wrap around specs. Looking good Duncan.
Many of the crew were up for the challenge scoring in the mid-30’s or better but it was Colin Greig that brought home the bacon with 40 points. Gordon just missed out by one point and Tim Winder edges out Les Cobban on count back to take third place.
As spring is beginning to rear its head in the northern climes some of our guys are heading back to the homeland to say hello to the wives and children. Consequently, we were down to one flight on this particular Monday. Don’t be gone long guys.

1st Colin Greig (10) 40 pts
2nd Gordon Melia (16) 39 pts
3rd Tim Winder (24) 36 pts

Near Pins: Les Cobban, Duncan Lee, Tom McDowell, Ian Milne

Wednesday, March 11, Royal Lakeside G.C. — Stableford

One never tires of commenting on the beauty of this track. What a pretty place and what a great golf course. In addition to the course itself, the club house, locker room, showers, restrooms are all top quality. Floor to ceiling marble on the walls of the club house restrooms. Makes you feel like a million bucks when nature calls.

John Hughes’ new found talent ( well, new on the course anyway ) playing with his ” Katoey club ” resulted in a very good 38 points to take first place in B- flight. The best A- flight could do was 35 points in all three places. Paul Smith edging out Geoff Parker on a count back for the win. Geoff edging out Gerry Cooney for second, and Gerry finishing third.

A- Flight
1st Paul Smith (3) 35 pts
2nd Geoff Parker (15) 35 pts
3rd Gerry Cooney (16) 35 pts

1st John Hughes (19) 38 pts
2nd Thomas Nyborg (16) 34 pts
3rd Raleigh Gosney (16) 34 pts

Near Pins: Gerry Cooney (2), Paul Smith, Mark Stanley

Friday, March 13, Mountain Shadow (Blue Tees ) Stableford

It was a rough day for the Bunker Boys at this ever popular course as the average stableford score was a mere 27 points. Even many of our low handicapers posted a gross score in the low-90`s. Ouch!

Rather than looking in the mirror, the conversation back at The Ranch was swirling around the weeds / dog ordure in the bunkers, leaking sprinkler heads, and slow pace of play. Causation is difficult to tease from correlation but, let`s just say, a little course maintenance would be in order. To add insult to injury, the locker room was dark with no running water on our return to the club house. The power outage resulted in many of us making the trek back to The Ranch in our sweaty golf clothes. Oh well, just another day in The Land of Smiles.
Special mention has to be given to the starter for putting a Thai 5-ball out in front of our first group. Having to lay back a bit, so that you could hear yourself think, play was slowed down considerably.

1st Duncan Lee (16) 38 pts
2nd Thomas Nyborg (16) 37 pts
3rd Mike Lloyd (15) 33 pts

1st Les Hall (24) 37 pts
2nd Paul Garvey (26) 35 pts
3rd Dave Ashman (18) 34 pts

Near Pins: John Murphy, Peter Allen, Raleigh Gosney, Les Cobban

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