Bunker Boys 06/04

Monday, April 6, Plutaluang — Stableford

Navy has never been a favorite venue of the Bunker Boys and this was apparent today as only eleven players showed up. Unquestionably, it’s a difficult track considering the layout, hardpan fairways, and having to use your driver on the greens.

As an aside, yours truly will never forget the day, years ago, when I posted a career best half-round of 35 on the East course, followed a week later by a 36 on the North course. Needless to say, I always show up for Navy. Besides, at 20 baht a towel, it’s a good way to stock your linen closet — just kidding!

1st Colin Greig (9) 35 pts

2nd Steve Durey (20) 34 pts

3rd Geoff Parker (12) 33 pts

Near Pins: Colin Greig, Steve Durey, Peter Hausberger, Ken Hopkins


Wednesday, April 8, Pattaya C.C. — Stableford

It was quite the eventful day at the very uneventful ( read, unattractive / bleak ) Pattaya C.C.. The day begins with ominous black clouds threatening rain, and ends with Ken Hopkins attempting to smash his way through the glass panels of the clubhouse. Darting off the 18th green to avoid the downpour that was beginning to take place overhead, Ken runs headlong into the new glass panels surrounding the enclosed section of the clubhouse resulting in a golf ball size hickey in the middle of his forehead — LOL. Fortunately, the glass withstood the charge.

Meanwhile, the real action had taken place previously when our one and only Bunker Girl, Pornthip, eclipses all the Boys with a brilliant 40 points, and Colin “The Putter Man” Greig records a birdie from forty feet off the green with, what else, his putter.


1st Trevor Priestley (18) 35 pts cb

2nd Dave Ashman (18) 35 pts

3rd Gerry Cooney (16) 33 pts cb


1st Pornthip Vimoljaroen (36) 40 pts

2nd Frank Quinlan (31) 37 pts

3rd Peter Allen (31) 33 pts

Near Pins: Gerry Cooney, Torben Lindgard, Trevor Priestley


Friday, April 10, Crystal Bay C & A — Stableford

I would wager that Jimmy and Frank are rooting for Ernie to do the same at the Masters ( it’s taking place as I write ) as they do at The Ranch, i.e. , take the money and run. Are these guys in the money every week, or what?? It must be the rarity of elephants and giraffes on the courses here that make them play so well. Keep at it Frank, that handicap is coming down by leaps and bounds. Jimmy, well, you’re in trouble as soon as you have to start using a real putter.

Crystal Bay is a favorite of the Bunker Boys and 24 golfers assembled at The Ranch, under threatening skies, to make the trek up the never to be completed motorway. We did manage to T on time after being stuck in a traffic jam for what seemed like an eternity.

The course was very playable even considering that many of the greens on A have grass growing in all different directions. This was no problem for Colin being the putter man that he is, and his playing partner was more than happy to mark an impressive gross 75 on his card.


1st Colin Greig (9) 42 pts

2nd Les Cobban (7) 36 pts

3rd Gerry Cooney (16) 34 pts


1st Frank Quinlan (31) 43 pts

2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 34 pts

3rd Geoff Hart (23) 33 pts

Near Pins: Colin Greig, Steve Durey, Tore Eliassen, John Murphy


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