Bunker Boys 02/03

Monday, March 2, Khao Kheow — Stableford

The course was in perfect nick and there for the taking and, indeed, it was taken. Four of the men standing at the podium had scored 40 points plus!! P.J. Redmond ( B- flight ) had a tremendous 46 points to easily win his flight, and Peter Kelly takes win position with 43 points in A-flight. Many of the crew had played to their handicap or better without a mere mention back at The Ranch. Maybe next time guys.

This is obviously an appropriate time to mention how P.J. has reprised his game playing off the girly tees. The man has been at the podium almost every round for the last couple weeks. It goes without saying that the Bunker Boys took notice of this fine play and he was immediately cut four strokes for his next outing. Keep at it P. J. you’ll be a single player again soon.


1st Peter Kelly (11) 43 pts

2nd Les Cobban (8) 40 pts

3rd Neil Hurst (12) 40 pts


1st P.J. Redmond (26s) 46 pts

2nd John Hughes (20) 36 pts

3rd David Ashman (18) 36 pts

Near Pins: David Ashman ( B-8 very very close to a hole n one), Tim Winder,Gerry Cooney, Bernie Stevens


Wednesday, March 4, Crystal Bay A & C — Medal 

14 Bunker Boys braved Magha Puja Holy Day ( Holy Cow no refreshments on the 19th hole ) for a round at the slowly deteriorating Crystal Bay G.C.. There are really no bunkers here anymore just clay pits.

As expected, the course was busy but we were off on time and the round progressed at an acceptable pace. Geoff Parker produced his best round in recent memory taking first place one stoke in front of Geoff Cox. Geoff’s score would have been even more impressive if the wheels hadn’t come off on the par 5 15th. A coconut tree refused to give way pitching Geoff’s ball into the lake for a quadruple bogey. Ouch! What could have been.

There was a three way tie on net 71 for third place with Gordon sneaking in the show position leaving Colin Greig and Frank Quinlan empty-handed.

1st Geoff Parker (15) net 67

2nd Geoff Cox (15) net 68

3rd Gordon Melia (16) net 71

Near Pins: Gordon Melia, Geoff Cox (2)


Friday, March 6, Wangjuntr Highland Course — Stableford

Wangjuntr Golf Park – A Wonderul World of Golf – is as challenging a golf course as one could hope to find. The spectacular vistas, beautiful greens, and excellent landscaping helps to ease the pain of playing on such a demanding track.

For many of our crew it was the first outing at the 6,300 yard ( white tees ) Highland Course. Don’t be fooled by the distance. There are many issues to be dealt with here — cart path only, walking up and down hills like a mountain goat, water carries, valley carries, blind approach shots, greens the size of football fields, fairways stretching straight UPHILL from the tee box, bunkers direct from the Sahara, and on and on.

Ian Milne managed to grind out a win after a rough start on the front, and taking two shots to get out of the water — splash ball — on the par 5 16th. He kept his focus to par out and win on a count back over Gerry Cooney. Geoff ” I’m back ” Parker comes in third.

1st Ian Milne (14) 35 pts

2nd Gerry Cooney (16) 35 pts

3rd Geoff Parker (15) 34 pts

Near Pins: Jimmy Carr, Colin Greig, Paul Smith, Gez Williams





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