Bunker Boys 1/9

Monday August 28, Plutaluang S&E (white tees),


1st Mike Brett (16)                                 37 pts

2nd Jimmy Carr (17)                             35

3rd Les Hall (25)                                   33

Near pins: Barry Murnin, Frank Quinlan, Geoff parker.

Today’s round was at the Plutaluang Course, where we were allocated the South and East nines where there were even more trees on the fairways than last Friday at Treasure Hill. Mostly we play North and West so it was a nice change to play the other two nines. The course was in remarkably good condition despite heavy overnight rain, nevertheless, the pick, clean, and place rule was applied and was necessary on a few occasions. Play for our first group was at a good pace and soon they lost touch with the next group. This resulted in a sizeable gap between groups by the end of the first nine with the result that a few other groups were inserted in between, one a local five-ball. This slowed down our second group further so that they finally finished the round at least an hour after the first group. This is a good lesson to all, keep up with the group in front or suffer the consequences.

There was a mix of good and not so good scores today, third place went to Les Hall  which could have been better had he not wiped the last hole. Second place went to Jimmy Carr which keeps him in touch with Geoff in the race for golfer of the month. First place went to Michael Brett and this is the first time in weeks he managed to avoid a fade out on the back nine, in fact, scored better on the back than the front nine. Only three near pins were won by Barry , Frank with a driver on a 135 yard hole and Geoff.

Wednesday August 30, Kabin Buri,(blue tees),


1st Jimmy Carr(17)                                   37 pts

2nd Neil Carter (13)                                  33

3rd Geoff Parker(15)                                 32

Near pins: Oliver Daniel (2), Lee Butler, Les Cobban.

The first day of our monthly trip to Kabin Buri was overcast with a very light sprinkling of rain, but overall conditions were pleasant for golf. The course looked fantastic, green, and well manicured, however it was sodden wet with no run on the fairways and greens deceptively slower than they looked, needless to say pick clean and place rule was applied. Some of the water catchments were overflowing onto the fairways in places, so it was difficult to determine whether one was in a water hazard or in casual water.

The course played very long and proved a real challenge for many, but as is most often the case one or two rose above the rest. Jimmy Carr took the honours on the day which was good enough to catch up to Geoff Parker in a most hotly contested race for golfer of the month. Our host from Serenity Hotel, Olivier Daniel who was good enough to join us for the day took two near pins.

Wednesday August 30, Pattaya Country Club (white tees)


1st Raleigh Gosney (17)                            35 pts

This was an alternative game for those not going to Kabin Buri and for the four golfers a return to Pattaya CC was an opportunity to check out their special price offer and the condition of the course. We were pleasantly surprised to see the improvement since our last visit and could not fault the course

and found the greens and fairways comparable to other courses in the Area. As a result we have booked a game in September.

Thursday August 31, Kabin Buri (blue tees),


1st Mike brett (16)                                      72 net

2nd Neil Carter (13)                                   75

Near pins: Mike Brett, Alan Sullivan, Geoff Parker.

Our second day in Kabin Buri dawned much brighter than the first and throughout the day we enjoyed periods of bright sunshine with pleasant temperatures and a nice cooling breeze blowing. The course dried out a bit overnight but still played long, the pick, clean, and place rule was applied again. Today was a medal round which added to the challenge of the course and was reflected in the scores which overall were on the low side. Shot of the day went to Neil Carter on the eighteenth where he put his drive into the water, the ball took two skips on top of the water and then jumped up onto the fairway.

Friday September 1, Mountain Shadow, (blue tees),


1st Neil Carter (13)                                     38 pts

2nd Jimmy Carr (17)                                  35

3rd Gerry Cooney (16)                               31

Near pins: Mike Brett, Raleigh Gosney, Lee Butler.

Friday dawned bright and sunny over Pattaya and the prospect of a fine day’s golf lay in store for the first round of a new month. The Bunker Boys made their way to Mountain Shadow to find the course deserted so play got underway immediately. After a while, it became apparent that the second group was losing touch with the first until it dawned on someone that you cannot play golf without clubs. On several occasions, the phrase”no power” could be heard as we waited for clubs to arrive, and so we struggled on to the end which took about four hours thirty minutes, this is unacceptably slow for a round on an empty course. A couple of players who were cruising on twenty plus on the front nine lost focus and concentration and ended the second nine in single figures. Only two players were able to rise above this and returned good scores. Welcome back into the prize list to Gerry Cooney from a long away trip.

The August race for golfer of the month was one of the closest seen for a long time. Entering the last week any one of five players could have taken the prize but gradually one by one they fell away. First to go was Raleigh who suffered a lost keys problems and missed a vital round, second out was Neil Carter who fell three points short. Michael Brett needed to win all three last rounds but only won two consequently fell two points short. That left the month long leader Geoff Parker and the fast finishing Jimmy Carr locked together on fifty-seven points each. The countback system had to be applied to separate them and as Jimmy had the better closing scores he was declared the winner, well done Jimmy.

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