Bunker Boys we 05/04

Monday 1st April 2013
Mountain Shadow G.C. (Stableford)

A sudden drop in numbers today as the Songkran exodus seems to have started a little early, so we were down to a single Flight for the first time for quite some time. We arrived at Mountain Shadow to find the car park almost empty, and were anticipating a quick round, but unfortunately we were put out behind two slow 4-balls, so it turned out to be another long day. The temperature was as hot as anyone could remember and with the accompanying high humidity, most players were happy just to survive the round! It was a day when having a golf buggy was a real advantage, and Reg Smart duly seized the opportunity to score his first outright win of the year ahead of the ever consistent Colin Greig. Reg had 34 points after 14 holes but fell victim to the tricky closing stretch of holes, which were made even more difficult today due to a strong wind which developed as a thunder storm passed close by. Colin Greig won the least putts competition again, but someone pointed out that if you counted the putts from off the green, he would have also won the most shots with a putter competition!

Results :
1st Reg Smart (hcp. 29) 37 points
2nd Colin Greig (hcp. 10) 33 points
3rd Peter Habgood (hcp. 19) 30 points

Only 3 near pin were hit : Colin Greig, Geoff Hart and Gerry Cooney.
Least putts competition : Colin Greig (27 putts)

Wednesday 3rd April 2013
Royal Lakeside G.C. (Stableford)

Maybe it was the longer trip than usual, or maybe memories of the blisteringly hot round on Monday, but there were even fewer golfers today. It was a hot day again, but some relief was provided by the strong wind that was blowing at between 2 and 3 club’s strength. The course was in good condition as always, apart from the usual complaints about there being too much sand in the bunkers. Lee Butler came back to the clubhouse looking like a drowned whale, after having sweat out several gallons of beer, but still managed to card the best score of the day to take the overall win. Mike Grasser was playing his last game before returning to the States, but unfortunately he had to cut the round short due to a back injury – not a great way to finish a holiday Mike, but hopefully see you back again later in the year.

1st Lee Butler (hcp. 17) 37 points
2nd Gordon Melia (hcp. 19) 33 points
3rd Mark West (hcp. 11) 30 points

Only 3 near pins were hit : Colin Greig and Lee Butler(2).
Least putts competition : Tony Robbins (27 putts)

Friday 5th April 2013
Khaow Keow G.C. (B and C courses) Stableford

17 players today for our visit to Khaow Keow, which meant we had three 3-balls leading the way, but fortunately the course was not too busy and the round was completed without any major holdups. As the first 4-ball was waiting to tee off from the 1st tee they watched Peter Habgood hit a great second shot from the first fairway back towards the second green, following an errant tee shot. Some minutes later they also watched as PJ Redmond and Jerry Waselenkoff were in deep discussion standing over two balls on the first fairway, before Jerry jumped into his buggy and headed off to the 2nd green. Jerry returned with Peter Habgood in tow and it transpired that Peter’s superb second shot had actually been played with the wrong ball – not a great way to start a round! Other than that little drama at the start, the only other major drama was Neil Griffin carding a great score of 39 points, to win the honours on the day, beating Colin Greig on a countback. Neil also had the distinction of winning the near pin prize on the 173 yard par three 12th hole, using a driver to put the ball two feet from the pin – proving it doesn’t matter which club you use! We said goodbye to Gordon Melia today on his final game of the annual visit, and we look forward to seeing him and Marion again in the autumn.


1st Neil Griffin (hcp. 26) 39 points
2nd Colin Greig (hcp. 10) 39 points
3rd Thomas Nyborg (hcp. 19) 37 points
4th Gerry Cooney (hcp. 13) 36 points

Near pin winners : Neil Griffin, Les Cobban, PJ Redmond and Thomas Nyborg .
Least putts competition : Mark Stanley (27 putts)

The Bunker Boys are a PSC affiliated golf society, who now play out of The Ranch bar on Pattaya 3rd Road (in front of the fire station, and almost opposite the Buffalo Bar). We play three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out, and a friendly but competitive golf competition why not come and join us. We meet at The Ranch at 9 a.m. for breakfast and transportation, and new players are always welcome. Contact “Buff” on 086 046 5091 or 080 605 5663 for all enquiries. You can find all the news, schedules and results on our website at http://www.bunkersociety.com.

Gordom Melia nad the two Geoff's
Gordon Melia and the two Geoff’s

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