Growling Swan 29/04

Monday 29th April 2013 – Pattana Golf Club, B & C – STROKE


All five groups who took the journey to Pattana Golf Course for the end of month stroke event (Monthly Mug Award) agreed it was well worth the effort as the course was in great shape having had good rain over the past few days and a nice breeze persisted throughout the day to help alleviate the ever present sunshine heat.
The white tees were playing 6,700 yards and the yellows were 6,300 yards off B and C nines so it was decided, given that the ground was perhaps going to be a tad heavy, that the yellow tees would be a fair test of golf. This proved correct as only two players managed to break par or even.

There were no complaints from any of the players as the fairways and bunkers were very well presented and the greens, perhaps a little slower than normal, putted true if you picked the right line. The caddies were fun and all in all another great golf outing with a good bunch of blokes.

Having completed our rounds in about 4hrs 25 minutes after our ten o’clock tee off time, we had a brief lunch and were back at the Growling Swan by 5pm for early presentations by the publican Peter Grey (Filling in for Peter Blackburn who is in Oz for a few weeks) which were over by 5.30pm. This pleased a number of players as many had other engagements to go to or were just happy to get home and put their feet up.

Peter started the formalities by first welcoming Chris Bracegirdle (brother of Max) who had his first hit out with us and his brother Geoff who has recently returned to Pattaya for another stint. Farewells were made to the delightful Dad and Son duo of Pat and Mike Fleetwood who return to the US/Korea. Another farewell was also made to Steady Eddie and good golfer Bill McGarvie who has vowed to be back with us again next year.

Paul Hack was the overall winner and the recipient of the monthly mug with a commendable gross 83 and nett 69.

The field was divided into two grades with A grade 0 – 15 handicap and B grade 16 and above.

Paul Hack receives his Monthly Mug from Peter Grey

Results for Pattana:

Monthly Mug winner: Paul Hack (14) 83 gross – 69 nett.

A GRADE (0 – 15 handicap)
1st Mike Allidi (3) 74 gross – 71 nett
2nd Bill McGarvie (12) 85 gross – 73 nett
3rd Takeshi Hakozaki (11) 84 gross – 73 nett

B GRADE (16 + handicap)
1st Frank Donnelly (22) 95 gross – 73 nett
2nd Shane Young (30) 103 gross – 73 nett
3rd Max Bracegirdle (27) 103 gross – nett 76

B3 – Bill McGarvie
B7 – Geoff Bracegirdle
C2 – Stu Rifkin
C7 – Paul Hack

B9 – Pat Fleetwood
C9 – Peter Bye

The winner of this award is presented with a golf cap with the letters NAGA printed on the front (which stands for Not A Golfers A…hole) and aptly wares it for the evening as evidence of posting the worst score of the day. All recipients of this award take it with the spirit that it is presented and those who have won it (including this scribe) battle fiercely to try to avoid being the wearer again!

Today there was a count back for this honor which was taken out by Dick Brainbridge.

Deefa the dog is a critter who is paraded around after presentations for acceptance of any spare change from the golfers of the day. We were pleased to see (Lets here it for) Ken Bernek turn up at presentations today to pass around Deefa having had major back surgery ten weeks ago. He says he should be good to start playing again in about another three to four months and we all wish him a speedier recovery. The monies collected each week are accumulated and disposed of toward worthwhile charities in the Pattaya area through the PSC committee. All donors can be proud that they have over the past few years brought fresh filtered water stations, sports equipment, swim wear and the like for many needy school children in the immediate area.

Our host Peter Grey yet again ensured that everyone had full tummies by laying out lovely hot cooked chicken pieces which is always very much enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Growling Swan Golf, the home of friendly golf in Pattaya welcomes golfers of any persuasion – low & high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners. We generally play Mondays & Thursdays, meeting at The Growling Swan in Soi Chaiyapoon at 8.00 am with transport departing at 8.30 am. For bookings or more information please contact Peter on 0806 351 386 or email to

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