Cafe Kronborg 16/1



Cafe Kronborg played at Treasure Hill on Monday 16th January, where the greens were slick and downhill putts were unstoppable. Unusually today we had a few people drop out due to injuries and illness, which meant half the field was 3 balls resulting in seemingly slow rounds for them. An influx of returning golfers means signup lists are full going forward, so be quick or you may be disappointed.

Treasure Hill is well known for fast greens, but today they seemed to be even faster. The trick was to work out if the putt was up or downhill, as the speed varied dramatically depending on the answer. With the optical illusions on some greens and the lay of the land falling away from the mountains, it was not always easy to see the fall or rise. Caddies are sometimes your best bet, although this breaks my number 1 rule, make your own decisions.

Despite the greens a couple of able golfers managed to score well, the rest of us scoring the mediocre scores which you expect at this course.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 22 and the B flight 23 and above.

The A Flight winner was Takeshi Hakozaki with the best score of the day, a superbly consistent and well balanced 40 points, with a 20/20 split front and back, scoring on every hole. Second and third place was decided on countback with three players having 34 points. Ronnie Ratte came second with 17 points on the back, Kjeld Ravn came third with 16 points and unfortunately Carole Kubicki lost out with only 15 points.

B Flight was won by Jan Lovgreen being the only other person to beat their handicap with a fine 39 points. As with A Flight second and third were decided on countback with two players scoring 33 points and Svend Gaarde coming second with 20 points on the back, ahead of Ulla Ravn who had 16 points.

R & CK

A Flight (0-22)

1st Takeshi Hakozaki (14)               40 points

2ndRonnie Ratte (18)                       34 points (Countback 17 points)

3rd Kjeld Ravn (17)                           34 points (Countback 16 points, Carole Kubicki 15 points)

B Flight (23 & Above)

1st Jan Lovgreen (24)                       39 points

2nd Svend Gaarde (28)                    33 points (Countback 20 points)

3rd Ulla Ravn (38)                              33 points (Countback 16 points)

Near Pins

No.2      Takeshi Hakozaki

No.6      Peter Bygballe

No.13    Jan Lovgreen

No.17    Jan Lovgreen

Long Putts

N.9         Ulla Ravn

W.9        Ronnie Ratte

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