Cafe Kronborg 14/10

Pattavia was the game today up the 331 for less than an hour.we started on the 1oth tee as the 1st

Had a 5 ball go off but that didnt solve things as we caught up with a 5 ball on the 14th but it was a nice day the whole Round.the course was in fine shape drier than most.

Back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Toben Sorensen,Orla Jorgensen And Jan Lovgreen

All from Denmark. Ronnie Ratte was the winner with 34 bpoints and Peter Bygeballe second with 33 points ,Torben Sorensen

Third 25 points and Jan Lovgreen fourth with 24 points.

1st Ronnie Ratte                               (25)                           34 points

2nd Peter Bygeballe                       (20)                           33 points

3rd Torben Sorensen                    (28)                            25 points

4th Jan Lovgreen                            (25)                            24 points


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