Tropical Golf 16/2

Pattana ( Stableford ) Well it rained, I mean it did not just rain it poured down, and not just for 10 minutes or so, I mean for at least for a couple of hours before we gave in. It was still pouring when we gave in so we trudged back to the Clubhouse, ankle deep in water at time, all soaking wet and ready for a hot shower. Except for me, I had a cart so I raced back along the cart path, What I forgot is that the water gathered at the bottom of the dips, It was like a great big wave, it soaked me to the skin and took my breath away, my caddie who was sat beside me was carrying my golf bag and that took the brunt but I was instructed to drive carefully in the dips, all good fun of course.

It had all seemed such a fine day for so long and even our last group had played 12 holes when the deluge came, and did it come. Before the deluge we had had a fine day and all complimented the Course on it’s condition, with grassed fairways and fine true greens and the weather was really good, but I suppose we never saw the sky darken and the first few spots were a surprise, but then it hit us. Fortunately we were at the par 3 C 16th hole that is right next to the drinks stop and were soon undercover.

The wind was howling and driving the rain under the side of the rest stop and the thunder and lightning crashed down overhead scaring the caddies. We all commented that it was a good job that one of our regular players was not there as he has been hit by lightning and tends to return to the Clubhouse as soon as the first hint of inclement weather raise it’s head. Still we all clustered under cover on the hope of a cease in the storm, that never came.

Back in the changing room we all jammed together trying to get into the warm showers and one or two with good memory’s remembered the last time we had a similar experience, in fact at this Club, says something for the weather at Pattana. On that occasion the Course sent out Buggies covered in plastic screens, also each Golfer had a large white towel, from the buggy, that was warm to keep the chills away. How time changes as choose how long we waited the Buggies and towels did not arrive.

Of course we assumed that only in Pattana had the weather turned nasty, how wrong we were, as we approached Pattaya we found every road jammed with traffic and getting across Sukhumwit was a major operation, and beach road was under water. Must have been a fair bit of water dumped in the area !!.

Now started the struggle as with the last Group playing 12 holes the Competition was reduced to 12 holes, but we also had to work out an 18 hole score as per USGA Rules. Now after the fact I have to say that the score cards at Pattana leave a lot to be desired, and leave it at that.

Not forgetting this now became a 12 hole Competition the scores were as below, but if you add another 50% you will see what the scores would be in an 18 hole Competition, or nearly.

In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Landis Brooks with 27 points on countback over Brian Gabe. In third was Brian Parish with 24 points on countback over Mashi Kaneta, In the B Flight the winner was Carole Kubicki with 26 points ahead of Dave Cooper in second with 25 points. We then had a countback on 23 points that saw Paul Weatherly in third and Jim Ferris in fourth.

The time being late most disappeared home, but the tough stayed on, after all someone has to. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Carole Kubicki, who actually hit the pin, Richard Kubicki, Tom McDowell, Paul Weatherly

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