Cafe Kronborg 24/02

One of our favorites Bangpakong was on today

Up route 7 for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Easy checking and off the first tee on time

With sunny skies and a nice breeze all day, the course as always was in fine


Back in the clubhouse it was goodbyes to Jan Badura and Peter

Sindberg both back to Denmark. two flights today with the cut at handicap 18 and

The full line of pins.

Doug Maiko played out of his socks to win the a flight with 45

points, Peter Sindberg second right behind with a fine 42 points, Walter Baechli

Third with 39 points and Brian Gabe fourth on countbacks from Henning Olsen

and Kenneth Madsen all 37 points.

Henry Wong also had a banner day winning the b flight with a fine

44 points, Arne Max Pedersen second with a fine 41 points, Fred Tam third with 37

points and Graham Buckingham fourth with 36 points.

a flight 0-18

1st Doug Maiko (16) 45 points

2nd Peter Sindberg (13) 42 points

3rd Walter Baechli (16) 39 points

4th Brian Gabe (17) 37 points

B flight 19 and above

1st Henry Wong (22) 44 points

2nd Arne Max Pedersen (19) 41 points

3rd Fred Tam (25) 37 points

4th Graham Buckingham (25) 36 points

Long putts

9 Henning Olsen

18 Kjeld Ravn

Near pins

4 Peter Sindberg

7&16 Carole Kubicki

13 Graham Buckingham

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