Tropical Golf 26/02

Landis Brooks Big Double Winner!
It was an extra special Friday for the Tropical Golfers! Once in a while the coveted Monthly Mug and Golfer of the Month fall on the same day. There was a lot at stake! Anyone can win the monthly Mug during medal play, and several golfers had a chance to win the BJ’s sponsored Golfer of the Month. Twenty two hopefuls showed up at BJ’s Holiday Lodge to check the GOM standings, and gaze hopefully at the lovely Mug on display. Several players had the chance to win both!
The venue was Crystal Bay. This is a good choice for stroke play as the course is forgiving but not boring, and several holes require pre-shot strategy. The B-course is now open and we were favored to play that nine, along with the more familiar C-course. Crystal Bay is in overall good condition, and represents excellent value. The scores came in and everyone met back at BJ’s to await the announcements.
Amazingly the same person had the best round of the day to win the Monthly Mug, and also won Golfer of the Month! A big toast to Landis Brooks! Landis has been on the podium regularly lately, and when you’re hot you’re hot. Landis is a twice Monthly Mug winner and back-back GOM. Landis (h’cap 7) won with a net 69, then came John Davis (13) with net 70, Tom Herrington (14) net 71, followed by the Brian’s, Gabe (17) and Parish (12) both with net 72.
Special thanks to Lek and Bill Jones and the staff of BJ’s Holiday Lodge on Soi 3 for sponsoring the Golfer of the Month award! Without them there would be no GOM award, and everyone appreciates it.
Near pins: JohnAnderson, Maurice Roberts, Landis Brooks, Richard Kubicki
Long putt: Tom Herrington

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