Tropical Golf 23/2

Bangpra ( Stableford)

A late start would mean a late finish, mind that would mean a bit of a lie in and that I can do with. So the group met a bit later and left for a 12 O’clock Tee off. At that time of the day the roads were quite good, so we were still at the Course a bit early. One good point is that the book in at this time is quick and easy and so all the players were on the first tee in good time, and that was fine as we were able to get away a bit early.

The Course is a bit dry at this time of the year, and the ponds a bit short of water, however hit the ball down the middle and you could find grass, but a bit off line and the ground was dry. The greens also were a little hard and we all know what dry greens at Bangpra means, really fast greens and as such proved a bit tricky.

However the Sun shone and the wind blew the worries away, and lo and behold we played well into the second nine before the monkeys showed themselves. In fact there was only a couple of holes to go and they did not cause too much trouble although one did get into my cart for a few seconds.

Biggest problem we had was that three groups were slipped in in front of us at the half way, so whilst it was always going to be late when we finished, it became much later, Still a shower and a quick bite to eat and it was back to Pattaya in the dark. At least it was not raining this week.

We were quickly into the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Bob Watson with 37 points ahead of Ted Morris on second with 35 points.We then had a countback on 32 points that saw Landis Brooks in third, John Davis in fourth and Mashi just missing out.

In the B Flight the winner was Paul Weatherly with 41 points, a fine round and one that has been coming for some time. We then had a countback on 37 points that saw Dick Warberg in second and Barry Oats in third, In fourth was Tom McDowell with 35 points.

Then with the time being late most of the Golfers went home, hopefully to sleep. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Tommy Marshall Bob Watson Keitchi Kasami Jim Ferris
Long Put John Hackett Derek Brook Don Carmody

013 Flight Winners

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