The Bunker Boys 22/2

A quick trip down the seven on this clear blue skied day to a perennial favorite and despite it being a medal round we had a good turnout of 27 players.The course was as always in top notch condition with fast greens. Medal brings out the best in a golfer so not surprisingly Colin Craig emerged as winner of the A flight with a net 70, and this was equalled by Peter Habgood in the B flight and these were the only two players to beat their handicaps.
A Flight
Colin Craig 70
Bob Catlow 74
Eddie Graham 74
B Flight
Peter Habgood 70
Neil Carter 74
Arthur Rowley 75
Near Pins
Ronnie Melvin, Colin Greg, Eddie Graham, Ronnie Melvin

Wednesday 24 th February Treasure Hill Yellow tees Stableford
They are still working on the 331 so a slowish trip up to Treasure Hill where despite 3 groups who booked to play, there we were no hold ups and there were more than enough caddies and good working golf buggies for everyone. Top marks to the admin at the course.
Once again there were only two players who equaled or beat their handicaps so the course played harder than it looked. Tony Scrambler was heard to enquire as to where Pattaya Mail had found the published picture of him as it made him look so young that nobody recognised that it was him.
A Flight
Geoff Parker (15 ) 36 Pts
Tony Scrambler ( 13 ) 34
Mark Stanley ( 8 ) 33
B Flight
Steve Durey ( 19 ) 37
Les Burns ( 33 ) 33
Phil Moore ( 18 ) 32
Near Pins
Phil Moore, Tony Scrambler, Keiichi Kasami, Ken Davidson.

Friday, February 26, Mountain Shadow G.C. Blue Tees — Stableford —
A great day for golf at the ever popular Mountain Shadow G. C.: perfect weather, course in great shape, and 35 of our finest roaring to get on with it. As per our last few visits, there was a bit of a delay at the starters’ gate, but not a major problem.
Our B-flight guys were on top of their game with all three pay positions playing to or bettering their handicaps, and a good day overall as the average stableford score was a very respectful 33.
Your scribe had that frisson moment watching Arthur Rowley’s ball land and roll toward the cup on the par-3 127 yard 5th hole. It was looking like a for sure hole-n-one but came to rest some twenty inches past the cup. Arthur was all smiles walking on the green to mark his ball; then proceeds to yip the putt and take a par. Ouch!!
1st Mark Stanley (8) 37 pts
2nd Tony Scambler (13) 36 pts
3rd Colin Greig (10) 31 pts
1st Tore Eliasson (22) 38 pts
2nd Ken Davidson (24) 36 pts cb
3rd Tim Winder (25) 36 pts
Near Pins: Keiichi Kasami, Neil Jones, David Nichools, Arthur Rowley

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