The Golf Club 15-19/2

Corey’s best at the Bay!

Monday 15th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Mark Wood (9) 40 points
2nd – Kenny Aihara (5) 39 points
3rd – Peter LeNoury (12) 37 points
T – 4th – John Mulrooney (11) 36 points
T – 4th – Masa Tojo (12) 36 points

Just another manic Monday, as the song goes, as there was a bit of congestion today at Green Valley. Not on the road out, but in the queue to pay the green fees! Seems like the lads from The Kronbourg pulled in 2 minutes ahead of us so we drew the short straw there today as we waited for those guys to check in. Locker room anyone?

Weather was a bit muggy today as there was hardly a breeze about to cool things down. Once we finally got out on the course, we found the greens were faster than we have seen in quite some time. Which is nice.

Some of the regulars dominated the leaderboard today as Masa Tojo looked to be the only tourist up there. Masa shares 4th spot with Johnny Mulrooney who has been in town for awhile in between caddy duties on the European Tour.

Mr. LeNoury once again graces the stage and slides into sole third place with steady Kenny taking second with his 39. It is good to see Mark Wood bck to his usual fine form as a 40 is not easy to come by here. Nice going Markie, hope Mr. Ferris made it worth your while!
Your best in show: Jason, Corey and Fred after Crystal Bay.

Wednesday 17th – Crystal Bay – Stableford – Yellow Tees
1st – Corey Cusatis (23) 45 points
2nd – Fred Graham (17) 43 points
3rd – Jason Kraan (1) 40 points
4th – Andy Leach (8) 39 points

We had an unusual, pounding rain in Pattaya on Tuesday afternoon and not surprisingly, the town was flooded. This is weird for this time of year as the downpour lasted for a good 3 hours. That was why the decision was made to play off the yellow tees, as we expected some soggy turf under foot and a negative roll on your drives. The course was drier than expected and the 6,140 was playing short, such is life. Dave Ferris was stationed on that first tee and announcing off the player fourballs that would have done Phil proud.

They put us out on the B track first, and then we rolled over to the A side. It has been a good 5 years since I have played those holes on A, and it was a very enjoyable trip down memory lane as we were reacquainted once again. This is a lovely stretch of golf and the par-3 8th is one of the prettiest around Pattaya.

All the lads were in agreement that Crystal Bay was in really nice shape and we should make a return trip back. Yes, the clubhouse and changing rooms are a letdown, but at least the showers were nice and clean with plenty of hot water. Don’t forget that the 1,550 baht price tag includes your buggy as well! Such a deal!

It was a day of higher scoring than usual so let’s get on with it. Last on the list should hold his head high, and Andy Leach had a great 39 points to find himself only in 4th place! This is not a misprint. Next up comes Jason Kraan, the young Australian pro playing off a 1 handicap. He kills the ball. I played with Jay and sure, the distance was great, but the accuracy was fantastic. I would give my left anything to play like that! His 40 points were good for 3rd spot, and that was even with our rental clubs. Top striker Ben Denham was also in our group but couldn’t buy a putt out here today, and that’s just how the ball rolls sometimes in this silly game we love. Kenny Aihara was with us as well and even with his solid play, he did not get a podium placing!

Freddy Graham had a fantastic round and you could not blame him for thinking it would be his day as 43 points on his card made for a great day of golf. Most days that would beat the field handsomely, but not today.

Sometimes you have a round where you can do no wrong. That happened to Corey Cusatis today who had the round of his life with 45 Stableford points circled at the top of the card. Corey has been playing with us for over a month now and we have seen him play to his 23 handicap in the past, so full credit to him on today’s performance and personal best!

The par-3 Seventh hole at Crystal Bay, a beautiful challenge.

Friday 19th – Silky Oaks – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Fred Birch (21) 40 points
T-2nd – Alan Rothwell (7) 39 points
T-2nd – Rick Grobel (16) 39 points
4th – Bob Mulholland (8) 37 points
The Four Musketeers! Bob, Rick, big winner Fred Birch and Alan back home.

More last minute calls to the course for another tee time or two sees one more extended sign up sheet squeeze in a few more golfers for this event. This is getting to be one of our regular venues, as the popularity of this course continues to grow. You guys are killin’ me!

If more course managers followed this formula they would see the numbers increase just like Silky Oaks has done. We want to pay around 1,500 – 1,700 (or less) including buggy and then our customers will want to play there. Is that really so hard to figure out? This is evolving into a really, really good track and the elevation changes only add to the interest of this superb layout.

Scotsman Bob Mulholland just got on the totem pole and should not complain with a 37 on the card for fourth place. That’s a fine result Mr. M. A tie for second place saw Rick Grobel and Alan Rothwell find their own way to accumulate 39 points out there today. Today we must congratulate Fred Birch who ends up at the top of the heap and hits that magic 40 for the win. This is the second time we see “The Student” do a shot better than “The Teacher” as Mr. Rothwell must now be re-evaluating his decision to help Fred with his swing! Hey Alan, maybe a career as a teaching pro is on the cards!

Thanks to all who joined us this week at The Home of Golf in Pattaya, The Golf Club.

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