Tropical Golf 29/01

Crystal Bay – Medal
Landis Brooks and Brian Gabe Big Winners
Its the last Friday of the month and it a Double Big Day for the Tropical Golfers. The battle for the first 2016 Monthly Mug and the Golfer of the Month fell on the same day! In fact it was possible for one person to win both. The event is popular and 36 golfers turned up to try their luck and skill at winning one or both prizes. Stroke play was the order of the day.
The destination was Crystal Bay which is a forgiving layout, and with so much competition you’d better play some great golf. We played the C & A courses (note: the B-course is finally open) from the white tees. The course is in overall good condition with slightly slow but fair and well maintained greens and, as predicted, good scores started rolling in. With so much to report it’s hard to know where to start.
Monthly Mug: With a fantastic net 66 Brian Gabe (h/cap 18) had everything go right! It was Brian’s first mug and judging by how he kept filling it up, he wants another one soon. Congats Brian on some great golf!
Golfer of the Month: New Golfer of the Month (GOM) rules for the Tropical Golfers now includes all golf days and rewards consistent play over the month. Regular players have an edge but anyone who gets on a hot streak definitely has a chance to win it all. The first 2016 GOM award goes to Landis Brooks! Always a steady player, Landis came into the day with the lead and no way was he going to collapse with so much at stake. A good month for Landis!
Special thanks to “The BJ Holiday Lodge” who is the new sponsor for the GOM award. Of course it is also the home of the Tropical Golfers so everyone is very happy with this new sponsor. Thanks to Bill and Lek Jones and all the BJHL staff !
With such a large group there were many on the podium this day, and here are the rest: Gerd Riedler and Nigel Perry with net 67, John Davis and Jon Dean net 69, Landis Brooks, Bob Watson, Mick Coghlan and Brian Parish all with net 70.
Near Pins (2-flights): Walter Baechli, Landis Brooks, Gerd Riedler, Brian Gabe, Graham Buckingham, Dick Warberg, Dave Cooper.
Long putt: Tommy Marshall, Jon Dean

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