The Growling Swan 28/01

Roy the Surgeon!
On a whim and a prayer, a great roll up of 36 golfers packed into 4 buses for the Growling Swan’s Monthly Mug at Mountain Shadow. Greetings were handed out to Ernie Picken, Gary Monley, Troy Pickford, Pat Kavanagh, Ashley Taylor and Khan Speechley. The compulsory sledging commenced early and Roy Dayton and Fred Cypers were advised that it takes longer to learn to be a good golfer than it does to become a brain surgeon. On the other hand, you don’t get to ride around on a cart, drink beer, eat hot dogs and fart if you are performing brain surgery.
We played a stroke round off the blue tees and normally golfing in Pattaya is generally a challenging and enjoyable experience on any given day, however, regretfully, we hand out a brickbat. Some 12 months ago, many caddies at Mountain Shadow appeared to have had little training and were deemed to be very lazy. The bunkers were un-raked, divots not replaced and some caddies general demeanor was poor. Nothing has changed!
On the day, the slick greens held their own and no-one played to, or bettered their handicap. There were a few steady efforts and some regrettable. The Colonel discovered that the shortest distance between any two points at Mountain Shadow is a straight line that passes directly through the centre of a very large tree.
In a very condensed leader board, a clinical Roy Dayton emerged from the pack to eke out a win. A bleary eyed Khan Speechley played remarkably well and Piere Cere, Ashley Taylor and JJ Harney headed the rest.
A Grade (0-15)
1st Piere Cere (11 Nett 74 c/b
2nd Ashley Taylor (15) 74
3rd JJ Harney (12) 76
4th Graham Rice (12) 77
B Grade (16-21)
1st Khan Speechley (19) 76 nett
2nd Kae Dayton (20) 77 c/b
3rd Alex Field (18) 77 c/b
4th Ebrahim (17) 77 c/b
C Grade (22+)
1st Roy Dayton (22) 73 nett Mug Winner
2nd Patrick Poussier (27) 78 c/b
3rd John Anderson (28) 78
4th Lindsay Slender (23) 81 c/b
5 Ashley Taylor, 8 Peter Bass, 15 Ian Masterson, 17 Paul Sharples
Long Putt: 9 Graham Rice, 18 Patrick Poussier
Todays event was sponsored by ”Asia Backpackers Pattaya, thanks goes out to Peter Bass and his crew.
Back at ‘The Swan’, coldies were enjoyed with much frivolity, Deefa (charity dog) snaffled many donations and the players are thanked for their continued generosity. Also, much deserved thanks continues to go to John Anderson for generously giving up his time to do the cards and Peter Grey for the nosh ups.

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