Cafe Kronborg 14/1

Pleasant valley stableford

Pleasant valley was the game today up route 7 for

42 minutes. Swift checking and off the 10th tee 30 minutes early under sunny

Skies and a hint of some rain but none occurred. The course was in good shape

But overwatered.

Back in the clubhouse after a round of just over 4 hours

Goodbyes went out to Mike Winfield back to New York and Karl Beter back to Austria

For some Skiing. two flights today with the cut at handicap 22 and 6 pins.

Henry Wong took the a flight with a grand 41 points,
Carole kubicki just behind second with 40 points, Peter Bygeball third with 39 points and

Michele Sancillo fourth with 34 points.

Jan Lovgreen took the b flight with 34 points Kenny Chung

Second on a countback from Torben Sorensen third both 33 points and Mike Winfield

Fourth on a countback from Dave Richardson both 32 points.

A flight 0-22

1st Henry Wong (22) 41 points

2nd Carole Kubicki (21) 40 points

3rd Peter Bygeball (19) 39 points

4th Michele Sancillo (8) 34 points

B flight 23 and up

1st Jan Lovgreen (23) 34 points

2nd Kenny Chung (25) 33 points

3rd Torben Sorensen (26) 33 points

4th Mike Winfield (27) 32 points

Long putts

9 Takeshi Hakozaki

18 Jan Badura

Near pins

5 Kris Helgason

8 Michele Sancillo

13 Henning Olsen

17 Henry Wong

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