The Bunker Boys 11/1

Pattana G.C. A & B Yellow Tees — Stableford —
Even the Monday morning blues, overcast skies, and drizzling rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the twenty-three BB’s enjoying their breakfast at The Ranch. The talk was all about the rapidly approaching club championship about to take place on January 20 & 22. Our gracious host — Buff — had pen and paper in hand working on a raffle system to add a little excitement to the once in a year competition. Good luck to everyone!!
Big Frank is deadly with driver in hand on the par-3’s. At any where from 160 to 180 yards, you may as well just hand him the flag. Nothing new today: Frank claims two near pins.
Since returning from the Christmas holidays down under, Tony Robbins has been on a roll posting a win, place, or show in every competition. The PSC computers are obviously in disrepair as his handicap hasn’t budged. What!! If the raffle system is worked-out, I hope I draw Tony’s number.
1st Tony Robbins (17) 40 pts
2nd Gerry Cooney (16) 38 pts
3rd Mike Johns (15) 37 pts cb
1st Tom McDowell (21) 39 pts
2nd Neil Griffin (24) 37 pts
3rd Neil Jones (18) 33 pts
Near Pins: Frank Quinlan (2), Gerry Cooney, Tom McDowell

Wednesday, January 13, Khao Kheow C.C. A & B Yellow Tees — Stableford —
For a generally well-maintained track, it is disappointing to see untended greenside bunkers, especially if your ball is submerged in the footprint of the jolly green giant. It need not be pointed out that if your caddie is kikiaht, doesn’t have a rake, or is busy on the phone, you should use your wedge to cover your tracks. That being said, the caddie contract should boldly underline bunker raking as part of the job description.
Colin Greig and Ray Criosthaite managed to win their respective flights despite blobbing holes 18 and 17 respectively. On the par-3 17th ( B-8 island green ) Colin hits it close and taps in for a birdie, then wipes 18 still managing to post a very nice 39 points. Ray wipes the island green, then pars 18 to post 36 points.
We had to say a sad farewell to Ken Ellmore who is returning to the colder climes, especially sad for him as today he finally put it all together to make his first appearance on the podium with a second place finish. Isn’t that just the way things go — you’re just getting in the groove when bing, time’s up.
1st Colin Greig (12) 39 pts
2nd Tony Robbins (16) 33 pts
3rd Geoff Parker (13) 32 pts
1st Ray Criosthaite (18) 36 pts
2nd Ken Ellmore (20) 35 pts
3rd Mike Corner (20) 34 pts
Near Pins: Jimmy Carr, Tony Berry, Tony Robbins, Colin Greig

Friday, January 15, Pattavia G.C. — Stableford —
A good day for the BB’s at the lovely Pattavia G.C.: 39% of the players played to or bettered their handicaps. Three gentlemen were in the 40’s, with numerous high 30’s. The course was there for the taking and the BB’s took care of business. The greens, due to the morning rain and afternoon downpour, were a bit slower than usual but running true. Everything was in good nick: tee boxes, fairways, bunkers, a beautiful golf course.
Les Hall turned in the shot of the day on the par-3 17th hole: a worm burner with his driver that rolled all the way onto the green resulting in a near pin. Roll baby roll.
Due to the never ending roadworks, the drive back into town was a nightmare. Enough said.
1st Gary Austin (17) 42 pts
2nd Keith Norman (12) 41 pts
3rd Barry Murnin (17) 39 pts cb
1st Bernie Stevens (20) 41 pts
2nd Eddie Kelly (20) 39 pts cb
3rd Les Hall (23) 39 pts cb
Near Pins: Bob Duxbury (2), Gary Austin, Les Hall

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