The Golf Club 04/01

The Golf Club – The student beats the teacher!

Monday 4th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Ken Aihara (6) 39 points
2nd – Muffy Kerr (14) 38 points
3rd – Graham Eldridge (16) 37 points
4th – Fred Birch (23) 36 points
5th – Alan Rothwell (5) 35 points

First off, a notice about our new Steak Night now every Friday! We hope this will help to spread out the busy evenings over the high season and of course we will still have Raju on the Weber BBQ on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. This should make it a whole lot easier to find a seat!

If it’s Monday its gotta be Green Valley. Today was a hot one, at least by January standards, and for the tourists it was a bit of a struggle. Yes, you can get dehydrated even this time of year and some of our crew were feeling the effects of golf without electrolytes. You should be drinking at least a couple of bottles of water every nine holes and have a liter even before you tee off. Also you should take some of those electrolyte packs to boost your potassium levels.

It was an interesting score sheet as the podium went right up the numbers from 35 to 39 going up the leaderboard. Unlucky for Alan this time, it was his turn to bring up the bottom. Alan has been helping his buddy Fred Birch on his swing up at the Diana Driving Range of late. This time it was the student who beat the teacher as Fred’s game has really turned around thanks to Alan! Fred pipped him with his 36 to take 4th place on the day.

Graham Eldridge will be remembering to keep that water bottle handy as a fine 37 point day lets him carry off third. Muffy Kerr also had a great day with a respectable 38 but it was Kenny Aihara who once again bags a win with a 39 point round and top of the heap.
Phil and Kenny congratulate “The Student” Fred Birch.

Wednesday 6th – The Emerald – Stableford – White Tees
T – 1st – Fred Birch (23) 36 points
T – 1st – Alan Rothwell (5) 36 points
T – 3rd – Ben Denham (2) 32 points
T – 3rd – Mark Wood (9) 32 points
T – 3rd – Graham Eldridge (16) 32 points

It’s a tough track, The Emerald, and today we only had 2 golfers who managed to shoot to their handicap. Ben, Mark and Graham could only muster 32 points out there today but at least it got them Happy Cards from Capt. Phil.

It was back to the teacher and the student who were both the best at Emerald today. Alan and Fred both shared the podium box with 36’s and Fred had better start getting used to playing golf off a sub-20 handicap real soon!

Friday 8th – Silky Oaks – Stableford – White Tees
T – 1st – Grant Alexander (10) 40 points
T – 1st – Kenny Aihara (6) 40 points
T – 3rd – Peter Hynard (14) 37 points
T – 3rd – Peter Thomas (17) 37 points
T – 3rd – Alan Rothwell (5) 37 points

This golf day wasn’t exactly on the schedule, but some of the guys wanted a Friday game and before you know it, we had 16 blokes on the sheet. We just played here last Friday (When Fred Birch shot a lights out 43!) so it is a testament to the course that so many were happy to return here.

Ties were all around as 37 and 40 were the magic numbers of the day. Nice to see Mr. Hynard joining us today and his 37 tied up with Peter Thomas and Alan Rothwell. Kenny was still in good form with a very solid 40 pointer to share the win with Scotsman Grant Alexander.

Word must have gotten out as Chu is starting grilling for our first Friday Steak Night and the orders are streaming in from the lads back from golf. Wednesday and Friday our new Steak Night starts at 5:00 for those who just can’t wait for the weekend!


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