The Bunker Boys 28/12


Closing out 2015 with another Golfer of the Month win — his fourth of the year –, Geoff is running out of space in his trophy cabinet. Jimmy Carr was right on his heels needing a second place or better finish to take the trophy but winds up just a tad short in third place. Tony Robbins, Tony Scambler, and Barry Murnin were all in the mix at different points during the month; but the trophy goes to Mr. Parker. Congratulations Geoff!

Monday, December 28, Greenwood G.C. C & A — Medal —
A perfect day for golf at the lovely Greenwood G.C.. Blue skies, green fairways, and twenty-five BB’s roaring to go. Unfortunately, the roar turned to a whimper as only one player was able to play to or better his handicap. Colin, playing with a sore back and at a track he doesn’t care much for, was the man of the day posting a 71 net to win A-flight. His closest competitor, Jimmy Carr in B-flight, was only two points back posting a 73 net to win B-flight. From here, the scores quickly jump to the high-70’s and low-80’s.
1st Colin Greig (10) 71 net
2nd Geoff Parker (14) 75 net cb
3rd Ben Denham (1) 75 net
1st Jimmy Carr (18) 73 net
2nd Mike Brett (20) 75 net
3rd Dave Ashman (17) 77 net
Near Pins: Colin Greig (2), Ken Elmore

Wednesday, December 30, Treasure Hill G.C. Yellow Tees — Stableford —
The last round of 2015 with Golfer of the Month on the line. The two contenders, Geoff Parker and Jimmy Carr, were in their favorite golf shits and anxious to get on with it. Geoff faltered badly and failed to score a single point leaving the door open for Jimmy who managed a third place finish and was initially thought to have won Golfer of the Month. Upon further review it was discovered that Jimmy had needed a second or first place finish and, accordingly, Geoff takes home the trophy without scoring a single point in the final round of the month.
Playing from the yellow tees at 6,400 yards, Treasure Hill is quite the challenge and it certainly got the best of the BB’s today as the stableford average was a mere 27 points. Only one of the twenty-five players — Mike Brett — was able to play to or better his handicap. Mike has only been back in town for a few weeks but has certainly made his presence known: finishing in the dough in almost every outing.
1st Dave Ashman (17) 33 pts
2nd Neil Jones (17) 31 pts cb
3rd Steve Kilcoyne (18) 31 pts
1st Mike Brett (20) 37 pts
2nd Alex Kilcoyne (27s) 33 pts
3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 31 pts
Near Pins: Mike Brett, Colin Greig, Barry Murnin, Gerry Cooney

Friday, January 1, Crystal Bay G.C. C & A — Medal —
The first day of the new year saw a very small crowd gathering at The Ranch for breakfast: only seven hearty souls. The majority of the BB’s were nursing hangovers and hoping to be back on their feet for play on Monday the fourth.
Surprisingly, the ride up the motorway was as smooth as silk, and the course was nearly deserted. The track was in good nick, and the round was completed in a lot less than four hours.
1st Keith Hemmings (18) 70 net
2nd Colin Greig (12) 72 net
Near Pins: Colin Greig (2), Ken Elmore

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