Cafe Kronborg 28/12

Crysal Bay was the game today up Sukumvit for 55 minutes.

We got checked in with C&A the combo today but were off 8 minutes late due to a slow group

of northern europeons in front slow all day with fine condition all day.

The course was in good shape with quickish greens.

Back in the clubhouse after a round of 5 hours and 20 minutes

Welcomes went out to Odd Holm- Hansen and Jan Hlriksen from Norway and Juha and

Mia Turko from Finland.and a goodby to Susan Gaarde back to Denmark to cool down.

Two flights with the cut at handicap 20 and a full bag of pins

Jan Ulriksen won the a flight with a fine 41 points,Don Richardson

Second with 37 points,and Jesper Rasmussen third with 31 points.

Tore Eliassen won the b flight with 39 points ,Susan Gaarde second

With 33 points and Odd Holm-Hansen third with 31 points

A flight 0-20

1st Jan Ulriksen (18) 41 points

2nd Don Richardson (14) 37 points

3rd Jesper Rasmussen (19) 31 points

B flight 21 and up

1st Tore Eliassen (21) 39 points

2nd Susan Gaarde (27) 33 points

3rd Odd Holm – Hansen (24) 31 points

Long putts

A 9 Henning Olsen

C 9b Jan Lovgreen

A 5 Henning Olsen

A 8 Susan Gaarde

C4&7 Henning Olsen

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