Cafe Kronborg 21/12

Plutaluang E&S Stableford

It was off to Plutaluang down Sukumvit for 45 minutes. We were alloted E&S and got off 25 minutes early with

fine weather all day. The course was in very good condition as we have not played this side for a long time.

Back in the clubhouse a welcome went out to Ronnie Ratte and a goodbye to Michele Sancillo back to open his restaurant

Up for the holidays returning shortly. Two flights today with the cut At handicap 21 and a full monthly of pins.

Jesper Rasmussen took the a flight with a fine 40 points

Michele Sancillo second with 37 points and Richard Kubicki third with 36 points.

Karl Beter won the b flight with 34 points, Ronnie Ratte

Second with 33 points and Dave Richardson third with 32 points.

A flight o-21

1st Jesper Rasmussen (20) 40 points

2nd Michele Sancillo (9) 37 points

3rd Richard Kubicki (12) 36 points

B flight 22 and up

1st Karl beter (30) 34 points

2nd Ronnie Ratte (23) 33 points

3rd Dave Richardson (29) 32 points

Long putts

E 9 Carole Kubicki

S 9 Susan Gaarde

Near pins

E 2 Ken Riis

E 5 Henning Olsen

S 4 Bent Agerbo

S 7 Jesper Rasmussen

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