The Growling Swan 21/12

A gift for Parry and Anderson
On a recent holiday, a friend of stalwart, Alex Field, headed off to pay homage to Buddha. Alex respectfully asked her to pray for the betterment of his golf game. She dutifully came up with “May your balls lie in green pastures … and not in still waters”.
Many of our regulars have headed back to their families for the Christmas/New Year festivities, however on a whim and a prayer, 26 golfers rocked up for today’s jousting where the pre-game locker room banter was relentless.
On this day we played off the blue tees in pleasant conditions. Fine performances were displayed by Ian Parry and Kissy Buchanan, but it was the smiling assassin, John Anderson who stole the march in B Grade.
At the other end of the scale, all Geri Crilly wants for Christmas to go with his two front teeth, is to play like John Anderson. Ando is clearly enjoying his multiple winning form.
All and sundry were trying to gain some Christmas spending and whilst there were a few steady efforts, some were regrettable. Geri had a day to remember, for all the wrong reasons and was swabbed post game. It seems that Geri is like my football team and takes his performance enhancing pills after the game and not before.
A Grade
1st Ian Parry (11) 37 pts
2nd Keith Buchanan (17) 36 pts
3rd Ebrahim (16) 33 pts
B Grade
1st John Anderson (27) 34 pts
2nd Volker Buley (33) 31 pts
3rd Patrick Poussier (25) 30 pts
5 Keith Buchanan
8 Rita Zoebelli
15 Sandy Leiper
17 Rita Zoebelli
Long Putt: 9 Sandy Leiper, 18 Ian Masterson

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