Tropical Golf 25/12

Pattaya Country Club – Medal
Santa Brings Tom Herrington a Shiny New Mug
Sometimes things just work out perfect. This year the coveted Monthly Mug contest that takes place the last Friday of each month fell on Christmas Day! It doesn’t get any better than that. Full of cheer and with many morning greetings of “Merry Christmas”, twenty three golfers met at BJ’s Holiday Lodge for breakfast and prepared for Christmas Day golf. Ahhh… the life! The destination this day was Pattaya Country Club, so we loaded the sleighs and off we went.
The short drive to PCC went well, and it became obvious on the practice green was there would be no snow today. The weather was quite warm for this time of year, but near the end of the rounds some clouds and breeze came it to create a comfortable finish. PCC was in fair condition, a little softer than usual, but the course would be well served by not shaving the fairway grass so short. Everyone was aware a special Christmas Mug was waiting, and with stroke play risk-reward shots take on extra significance.
Overall the final scores were a bit higher than usual, but Santa did bring one golfer a good round. Tom Herrington (h’cap 15) won the Christmas Day mug with a fine net 67! Tom credited his stellar round to being the only golfer to wear a Santa hat the entire round. Apparently Santa looks after his own. In second place was Gerd Riedler (8) with a net 71, and then Rob Brown (9) with net 72. Well played guys! Fourth place went to Landis Brooks (9) on countback over uber-golfer Bob Watson (3) each with net 74. There was a massive countback for the final spot and when it was all calculated Rita Zoebeli (24) was left smiling. Congrats to all and Happy Holidays!
Near Pins: Tom Herrington, John Davis, Reg Cochrane, Gerd Riedler
Long Putt: Bob Waton

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