Tropical Golf 22/12

Crystal Bay A & C Nines (Stableford) Well it appears Christmas is here and by the time you read this it will be in the past, still a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Tropical Golf. Well now that is over this day seemed like the start as the list was over full and only the sickness of a few on the morning made sure I could get all the names on the sheet.

However even so we were on our way to Crystal Bay with a full list and a couple more groups. O Happy Days now the High Season is here. So after a quick book in it was off to the start and as is normal it seems, off we went on the C Nine and fortunately a little early or so I thought. As a three ball we moved along fast until what I should have known. a two ball ahead not moving fast. It took me a few holes to realize they were not moving fast because the group ahead of them was the rear of several groups of 4 balls. O joy.

Still we made reasonable time and the Course was not in bad condition, however I can remember when this Course was in great condition and for many years this Course was my own personal favourite. Then sadly it turned shabby. At present the greens are a bit too long but they seem to be growing out the multi-colour on the greens of the grass. Also the bunkers are not well kept and they need a good sorting out although really that should be an easy job. All in all it is still a fine day out that has lost the edge of several years ago.

The weather was excellent, apart from being a bit windy, and the walk around was a pleasure. Tom Cotton who played in our group is also a bit of a ‘Bird Watcher’, and on the Course he also tends to slope off when he sees something interesting. No problem in a 3 ball that is smelling the roses though. He had a fine days Golf even if he did not score well.

Round over it was into a cold shower, some things never change here and a cold shower was not a surprise, as indeed it is not also at Mountain Shadow. Then into the Restaurant for a quick bite and back to Pattaya. On this day as it was near rush hour via Route 7.

With such a large group of players we were late back so it was into the results a quick as possible. This is a Course where you can score well if you play up to a high standard.

In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Rob Brown who once again proved the old ‘Beware the sick Golfer’ as he only decided to play at the last minute. An insect bite did not stop him from getting 40 points. In second place was John Hackett with 39 point, with Bob Watson with his usual high quality golf in third with 37 points, not bad off 3 Handicap. We then had a countback on 36 points that saw Maurice Roberts in fourth and Tom Herrington, Richard Kubicki and Brad Robins just missing out.

In the B Flight we had the best score of the day when Mick Coughlan won with 41 points ahead of a countback on 40 points that saw Jim Ferris in second and Don Cameron in third. In fourth was Dave Cooper with 36 points ahead of Barry Elphick on countback. Then it was time to relax and say Merry Xmas. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Bob Watson David Nicholson John Hackett John Davis
Long Put Mike O’Brien

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