Cafe Kronborg 17/12

Pleasant Valley  Stableford

It was off for a pleasant day at pleasant valley 40 minutes up route 7.

We got checked in and were off the first tee 20 minutes early with cool and

sunny conditions all day. The course was in fine condition but overwatered.

Back in the clubhouse after 4 hours and 20 minutes welcomes went out to Jesper

Rasmussen and Kenneth Riis from Denmark and john Turnbull

from oz. two flights today with the cut at handicap 21 and a full bag of pins.

Takeshi Hakozaki still in fin form won the a flight with 37 points,

Rob brown second with 35 points ,Kenneth Riis third with 33 points and Brian Gabe fourth

On countbacks from peter Hammond and Jesper Rasmussen all 32 points.

Carole Kubicki won the b flight with a fine 40 points Jan Lovgreen

Second with 38 points , Torben Sorensen third with 35 points and Karen brown fourth

34 Points.

A Flight 0-21

1st Takeshi Hakozaki (16) 37 Points

2nd Rob Brown (9) 35 Points

3rd Kenneth Riis (14) 33 Points

4th Brian Gabe (18) 32 Points

B Flight 22 And Up

1st Carole Kubicki (22) 40 Points

2nd Jan Lovgreen (22) 38 Points

3rd Torben Sorensen (25) 35 Points

4th Karen Brown (35) 34 Points

Long Putts

9 Kenneth Riis

18 Henning Olsen

Near Pins

5 Mike Winfield

8 Kenneth Riis

13 Jan Lovgreen

17 Svend Gaarde

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