Phantom Golf Society 16/12

Bangpra – Stableford

Nat Has An Easy Win!

Along with golfers from Colin’s Golf Bar we had a healthy number of four groups who were ready to tackle the “Monkey Course”, Bangpra. We had a late tee time of 11.30am to qualify for the cheaper Green Fee rate so we departed Phantom Bar at around 9.20am in hope of perhaps getting an earlier tee time. Arriving after the 42 minute journey we discovered that there had been a bit of a mix up with the bookings and there was another Golf Society booked in at the same time. This was quickly sorted out and the somewhat “hysterical” co-organiser of the other Golf Society calmed down and it was decided that our golfers would tee off the tenth tee at 11.08am. “Much to do about nothing” as the saying goes and our first group got away at 11.20am with lovely weather conditions although hot with very little wind. The course was in great shape with the greens rather slick so three putts were the order of the day for many. We proceeded at a fairly good pace on the first nine but that changed somewhat when we arrived at our tenth tee (the first) to find a Thai five ball who were very slow to say the least therefore it was necessary to point this out to them after a couple of holes and to their credit the pace did pick up a bit. It was a very enjoyable round of golf on one of the oldest golf courses in the area and we finished in four hours & twenty minutes.
Nat Rukkid continued her recent good form and her 38 points was easily good enough to give her first place with Torben Lindgaard finishing second with 35 points. There were four golfers on 33 points so a count back was required which resulted in Marco Beer (21 point back nine) taking third spot from Tore Eliassen (20 point back nine) in fourth place. Craig Simpson (19 point back nine) and your writer, Peter Blackburn (16 point back nine) were the two that just missed out.

1st – Nat Rukkid (20) – 38 points
2nd – Torben Lindgaard (28) – 35 points
3rd – Marco Beer (16) – 33 points
4th – Tore Eliassen (21) – 33 points

2nd – Nat Rukkid
12th – Nat Rukkid

9th – Brad Robbins
18th – Colin Davis

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