Cafe Kronborg 11/12

Khao Kheow B&C Stableford

The dye designed Khao Kheow was the game today up

route 7 for 43 minutes. quick checking and off b 1 35 minutes early with sunny skies and stinkey hot conditions all day.

The course was in very good condition and should be at its peak for the club championship next month.

Back In the clubhouse after a quick 3 hours and 50 minutes

a welcome went out to Michele Sancillo from Spain and a goodbye to Steen Habersaat

back to Denmark for the holidays and Gordon Clegg back to work back in mid February fully retired.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 20.

Kenneth Madsen took the a flight with 36 points, Richard Kubicki

second with 34 points and Elias Magnusson third with 31 points.

Gordon Clegg won the b flight with 36 points, Jan Lovgreen

second on a count back from mike win field third both 35 points.

A flight 0-20

1st Kenneth Madsen (17) 36 points

2nd Richard Kubicki (11) 34 points

3rd Elias Magnusson (20) 31 points

B flight 22 and up

1st Gordon Clegg (32) 36 points

2nd Jan Lovgreen (22) 35 points

3rd Mike Winfield (24) 35 points


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